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I Gave You Love

Updated on December 13, 2011

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I gave you Love.

You tried to scare it away.

I gave you Strength.

You pushed it away.

It faded

Like vanishing ink.

I gave you Compassion.

You gave it away.

It was gone


The aftermath of eraser shavings.

I gave you Endurance.

You threw it away.

Away it rode, in the dumptruck,



Flying away on a magic carpet.

I gave you Intelligence.

You wished it away.


popping soap bubbles.

But I,

I gave you Love.

You tried to scare it away

It was not frightened.

(Ignorance is Bliss.)

You tried to push it away.

It would not budge.

(Love is a strong word.)

You tried to give it away.

No one would have it.

(For you must havesomething

Before you can give it.)

Ifishedit out of the Garbage.

(Like a thrown out retainer.)

You tried to wish it away.

But it remainedconstant.

(Love is a dream itself.)

I gave you Love,

And there it remains-

-on the counter top-

Like a discarded Birthday Card,

Like Junk Mail,

Like those cookies that tasted


And yet-

To save feelings-

Were eaten anyway.

Ignorance is Bliss.

(And I am ignorantof your flaws.)

Love is a strongword.

(And hate is weak.)

For you must havesomething

Before you can give it

(And true hatredis

Unattainableunless you’ve

Lost allLove.)

Like a thrown out retainer

(But I will always go through the garbage.)

Loveis a dreamitself

(And you’re longingto have


For although


Is frightening,




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