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I Got To Go

Updated on September 6, 2017

As My Words Eagerly Try To Entertain

Each day takes me deeper

Skipping the proper channels

I have to go

Into the world I love

Not the place most people think

Even though our physical world is unbelievable

I feel a stronger energy

One right below the surface

That scientists have always known

Now they will discover

Where the greatest possibilities exist

Where every idea is expanding constantly

Even though it is hard for us to see

Before we know it

If it was grass on the ground

We would say wow

Look how tall and green it has grown

I feel relaxed and creative constantly

Peace from the inside of my body

That everyone secretly hides

I try to describe

A comfort with an uncertain competitive edge

New concepts that challenge my previous thoughts

Bark as loud as the dog next door

Not taking away the goodness

Doing the opposite adding in a lovely surprise

When nighttime strikes

My body begs for sleep

My mind flies solo

As if no oxygen needed

What a strange combination

One thought seeks to discover

While the next thought would be happy

With hours of sleep and rest

Each pulls from the heart

Only to be joined in the next moment

As if they were welded in the middle

Where it is impossible to be apart

A real three ring circus

That performs every day

Starting way before sunrise and doesn't end at sunset

To make all audiences happy

No matter what price I pay

With a childish humor I am completely engulfed

To return once more

Opening what other people believed to be

A locked door


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee We have to keep looking for what pleasures lie ahead. So many times people get so mad at any problem they are dealing with they get lost in a world of pain and suffering. Thinking this is Gods plan. Why do I deserve this ? What did I do wrong? The truth is each day is a lesson so we can grow and learn. Some lessons are easy some are real tough. If we turn to love we can always find a way. I found out in my life the door and the window were not an option. I have to go through the cellar. Finding my own way different than everyone else I am not only more proud of myself but found the confidence to do anything that comes next. I do know it is hard at times and I have to keep searching for answers. God has blessed me with the beautiful ability to think. So I put my thinking cap on and do exactly that. To my surprise I am not judged for what I do wrong or how long it takes me to find my solution. The solution may only be temporary until I find a better one. Little did I know so many people are struggling with the same problems. If I open up which is hard for me to do. I can share my own problems with the world. Then the strangest things happen people respond and help me understand what I didn't see or couldn't see. Thank you for helping me in my life. I found I forget to thank the people who are always there supporting me and listening even when I am confused and mixed up and tired. I would love to see you happy and excited for each day to come. Taking all the good you have experienced and sharing with the world. I try that every day and sometimes I get flipped upside down and turned on my side. Even then I know there was a reason I just wasn't ready to listen. What a beautiful thing it is to communicate with someone else who lives so far away. The weather is cool here. A light rain during the night. The sun is just starting to shine in the sky. My thoughts our jumbled around like balls in a babies toy. The more I shake it the faster they go. I am where I am because this is where I am suppose to be at this moment in time. I have the ability to go and do so many things. It is up to me to search and keep searching until I get the results I want. I have to turn that fear or uneasiness to courage and strength. Nobody ever told me what or how to do that. Everyone has told me what they do. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. Then I find my friends only tell have truths. When I ask them why they say you never asked. I say I most certainly did. Then they come back with I don't remember. It doesn't matter. I say it does matter and everything we do in life matters. I can go on and on but I will stop there and continue another time if you are interested. I will try to put my feeling in my next hub. Hubs for me are my small steps before I take big ones. Thank you again for reading and really listening. Life is filled with so many wonderful experiences in every moment it is hard to describe just one. May the rest of your day highlight all the good that you have ever felt. The sadness turn into putty to remake anything you want in your future.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 7 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      For some reason after reading this the phrase came to mind -When God closes a door he always opens a window.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 months ago

      Changing Tides Real life is a lot like the ocean. One minute water rushing in with the raging tide. The next time calm, dark blue waves reflecting the light and so serene. Finding enjoyment in both takes happiness to a new level. Understanding and patience put things in perspective. You keep trying to make it work. Sometimes you feel like a fish out of water. What a pleasure it is to see you dropping in. Each day changes and life moves forward. We all must find our own path. Friends will help friends take the time they need. I am always here to share. Hoping each day brings you the joy you want so much. Have a great night.

    • profile image

      ChangingTides 7 months ago

      Dream On nice comparison between thoughts & sleep & one wanting one thing and another wanting something else. Always a joy to read your thoughts