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I Had It

Updated on July 24, 2014

Shut Down

Here we go again

What was a great day

Now ruined because you want to get angry

I asked you nicely to Stop!

You won't listen

You keep on

In a fit of rage because something doesn't go your way

I have told you once

I have told you a thousand times

Your wasting my time and my life

Your problem is ???

When something doesn't work the way you want it

You get mad

Then angry

You intern make me mad and angry

I ask you once nicely to stop


I had it

I am done

If you are having trouble with the computer

Don't slam the key board

Make faces


Write it out logically on paper

Like a problem to be solved

You take no time

It is so easy to shoot your mouth off

Swearing, cursing

You have no one else to blame

It brings you to a dark place

I ask you to stop what you are doing and go back to it later

Your doing something wrong and I don't know how to fix it

Your problem

You tried logging into google account from our laptop

It wouldn't take your password no matter what you did

Then you logged out and tried to get into mine

After logging out

You went to log in on mine

Instantly it popped up your google name

Waiting for your password

No matter what you did

It didn't work

I asked you to shut off the computer

Then log in again

Maybe it would work differently

It didn't

I went on the Kindle and logged in my google account

No problem

Why it didn't work from the laptop I don't know

If anyone has any answers

I am puzzed

So shutting down my wife stormed away

I decided to write this story/poem

I call a stoem

Where you take matters in your own hands

You work towards a solution

With a problem staring at you right between your eyes

I don't want an attitude

Your not in Hells Kitchen

She is moved by their salary of 250,000 for a year as head chef

Where you can pull these stunts

I won't have it in my life

I don't think like this

I don't like being around people who act this way

Like a child taking a temper tantrum

Kicking their feet

Don't be rough with the computer

If it breaks then we won't have one

That is just being spoiled and selfish

I raised my voice

You get mad and say it is midnight

I said I don't care

No matter what I do you keep showing bad behavior

You log off and go watch t.v.

You guessed it another episode of Hells Kitchen

I keep telling you it is a bad influence

You won't listen

So you do your thing and I do mine

I am not going to change my philosophy of life

I see the looks you make with your face

I didn't

You did

Now your lying and I won't have it

I am done

I have so many more important things on my mind

These are the issues that I deal with that take me away from my writing

Tomorrow is another day

Busy at work and have little time to write

I can't afford more delays

Pressed for time

I do what I can

See an overview

As I end in a positive note

Every day has it's ups and downs

It is up to you where you end up

Think before you talk

You are one with all your actions

I won't settle for less

I keep striving for better if not my best


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