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I Have A Headache

Updated on July 17, 2011

She would smile and tell him to take out the garbage then later they could play.

But when later finally came she told him she had a headache that day.

He cooked dinner and scrubbed the floor.

In thoughts that later that night he would probably score.

But to his defeat she would always say.

Maybe tomorrow because she had a headache that day.

This went on for a few days but it felt like years.

He was so frustrated that it almost brought him to tears.

He begged and pleaded with his wife.

The woman who he had planned to be with for the rest of his life.

As faithful as he was, he kept his vows for better or for worse.

Until that dreadful day he looked into her purse.

Her cell phone beeped and there was a text from what he assumed was a man.

The text told her that that they needed to see her and to get away just as soon as she can.

He slowly put the phone back to where he found it.

He kept his composure and found a place to sit.

He was in a daze feeling very angry and betrayed.

Regretting the long term commitment that he had made.

She came downstairs and told him that she would be back, then gave him a kiss on a cheek.

He was just going through the motions, he was in so much rage he couldn’t speak.

She went out the door and he decided to follow.

All the love in his heart started to disappear almost becoming hollow.

She stopped at a store to pick up a negligee.

Then she went to a building on street called Norway.

He got out of the car and kept his distance.

Everything was unfolding and he was going to get his vengeance.

Up the stairs he went.

He couldn’t believe that he thought this woman was heaven sent.

She went into a door labeled Studio 28.

Not knowing that her husband outside was planning her fate.

She only stayed in for 30 minutes or so.

He jumped out in front of her and screamed, “You thought that I wouldn’t know?”

She dropped what she was carrying and it fell to the ground.

Her husband grabbed her and started pushing her around.

The person inside came out to investigate all of the commotion.

They yelled, “Stop before it gets broken!

Your wife wanted to give you a gift. So, she plotted to do this in secret.

She wanted to surprise you for your anniversary with a picture because she knew you would love it.”

His wife said, “Yes and that is not the only thing.

I bought this negligee to wear for you because I wanted to reward you for waiting.

I wanted this night to be very special.

You are the love of my life. How could think that I would be unfaithful?”

Tears began to fill his eyes.

He was coming down off of what he thought were lies.

He sighed a breath of relief.

She smiled and said, “Now it’s really not going to happen because I have a headache from all of this grief!”


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    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Sassy-you always use the element of surprise! This was great! Loved it.

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 6 years ago I love all of your writing - this one in particular is a standout because the poetic narrative is riveting in its build up of suspense through a storyline and you are taking me on a journey of soul and depth through your heart and mind.

      lake erie time 4:12am hope you're finally gettting to sleep my friend .....

    • sassyk73 profile image

      Karen A. Harris 6 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

      Thank you Sharyn....I am glad you enjoyed it :)

      Thank you for stopping by Sinea. I totally agree with you :)

    • Sharyn's Slant profile image

      Sharon Smith 6 years ago from Northeast Ohio USA

      Ha, I enjoyed this Sassy, fun read.

    • sassyk73 profile image

      Karen A. Harris 6 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

      Lol....CMerritt. He had other things on his mind :) Thanks for stopping by.

    • CMerritt profile image

      Chris Merritt 6 years ago from Pendleton, Indiana

      Did he ONCE think about giving her a couple of Tylenol?

      excellent read, it was really good.

    • MysteriousOne profile image

      MysteriousOne 6 years ago

      Same here,girl!Stay well!

    • sassyk73 profile image

      Karen A. Harris 6 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

      Thank you MysteriosOne. It is always a pleasure to hear from you :)

    • MysteriousOne profile image

      MysteriousOne 6 years ago

      LOL....great hub,Ms.sassyk! A lot of truth in those words...voted up!

      Have a great day!


    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 6 years ago from Northeastern United States

      All I can say is "wow" -- we should trust God and never jump to conclusions.

    • catydid52 profile image

      Catharine Parks 6 years ago from Niagara Falls, On

      Hi Sassyk73 I am fine. I always enjoy reading your hubs, you are one of the best, great article!

    • sassyk73 profile image

      Karen A. Harris 6 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

      Hey are you? I am so glad you stopped by :) Thank you. Lol..I agree with you. I have been on the receiving end of not being trusted. Definitely not fun at all.

    • catydid52 profile image

      Catharine Parks 6 years ago from Niagara Falls, On

      This is priceless! And a lesson in caution, not giving into suspicion until one has solid proof. This story could have ended in tragedy, but had a good ending, and a humorous one. Good job!