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I Have a Daughter

Updated on June 30, 2017
Anna Marquardt profile image

Anna is a senior at Angelo State University majoring in English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing.

I have a daughter.
She lives inside me.
I sing her to sleep
every single night
so she remembers
the sound of her voice.
I press my lips
to her ear
and whisper away
demons and monsters
with pretty faces
but sharp teeth.

I have a sister.
She lives inside me.
I hold her hand
when times are tough
so she remembers
she is never alone.
I hold her
against my chest
when breathing burns
and the shedding of skin
becomes too painful
to bare.

I have a mother.
She lives inside me.
I tell her I love her
so she knows
she's doing a good job.
I wipe away
her tears
when she forgets
she isn't a child anymore
and no one
will help her.

I wrap myself around
my daughter
my sister
my mother
to protect them from
the war
the invasion
the destruction
of innocence
of purity
of love.

Because no one
can protect us
except us.

I hold
my daughter
my sister
my mother
inside a fortress
of shaking iron
and trembling bolts
with bones of steel
forged from blood
with the power
to bring empires
to their knees.

I have a warrior
living inside me.
She sings
to my daughter.
She hugs
my sister.
She listens
to my mother.
She wraps her steel arms
around my throat
and tells me
to keep breathing
to keep fighting
to keep conquering.

I have a daughter
who will one day
ask me where I got my smile
and I will tell her:
from myself.


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    • Laura335 profile image

      Laura Smith 9 months ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      I love the rhythm and structure of this poem. I'm always in awe of how poets can bring deep thoughts to life in just a few powerful words, and you did it here. Well done!