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I Heart U: Part Five

Updated on January 27, 2017

What Now?

The next morning Mariam woke up in the arms of Don, and even though she was still quite hurt, somehow Don's embrace made her feel better. Mariam wasn't looking forward to it but she knew she had to go to work and face the music. Mariam looked up at Don and said, "wake up sleepyhead" Don replied, "awe mom do I have to" and began to laugh. Mariam was pleased to see Don, still had his lovely sense of humor. Don then asked, "Do you feel better sweetie?" Mariam replied, "yes and thank you for not taking advantage of me." Don looked down at her and said, "I could never do that to you, I want you to be with me because you want to not because your lonely."

Mariam got up and began to get ready, she was not only hurt, but confused as well. She almost felt like she was falling for Don, he was kind, handsome, and successful, but before she let herself ponder anymore and confuse herself even worse than she already was, she began to focus on getting ready.

While she was getting ready, she heard a knock on the bathroom door. It was Don he said, "Mariam I better be heading out, talk to you later." Mariam told him bye, and she heard the front door shut. She was so scared about what kind of mess might be waiting for her at work. Once she was done, she grabbed her bag and noticed she was running late. Mariam thought to herself,"great so on top of everything else I am running late too" and headed off to work.

Once she arrived at the Office she couldn't help but notice Cherish sitting on Rob's lap in his office. Mariam knew Cherish must have left his door opened on purpose, to rub it into Mariam's face. As much as she didn't want to she walked back to Rob's office and said, "Rob, I know I made a fool of myself yesterday and I am sorry." Cherish looked over at Mariam and said, "you sure did" and walked behind Rob and began rubbing his shoulders. Rob looked back at Cherish and asked, "could you please let us talk, for a minute?" Cherish gasped and said, "oh, alright" and left.

Once they were alone Rob looked over at Mariam and asked, "how long have you felt this way?" Mariam replied, "look Rob, I was lonely and wasn't feeling myself." Rob replied, "Mariam I am calling your bluff, you just told me you loved me?" Mariam looked at him with tears in her eyes and said, "since the first time we had dinner together." Rob replied, "why didn't you tell me this then?' Mariam said, "because I was afraid this would happen" Rob said, "Mariam I care for you a great deal, and the attraction is definitely there, but I am not ready to settle with anyone just yet. Mariam looked over and asked, "so are you saying you love me?" Rob replied, "love is a big word, so no, but I am attracted to you. Mariam said, "okay thanks" and shook her head.

The comments Rob had just made, put things into perspective a little. Rob wasn't looking for a soul-mate just a fling, but Don was looking for someone to spend his life with and she was going to tell him how she felt. Mariam looked over at Rob and said, "well than, I believe we should just keep this working relationship, just that." Rob agreed and told Mariam he published her article. Mariam looked over and said, "I am glad you still published it, I was afraid you wouldn't." Rob replied, "why would I do that? Mariam you are a great writer." Rob handed Mariam the magazine article and she headed out to find Don.


Mariam's Happy Ending

Mariam ran towards the Bakery, and couldn't wait to tell Don she was in love with him, but when she got inside, she didn't see any sign of Don. She even looked back into the kitchen. Mariam thought to herself, "what if he is mad at me for the way I acted last night?" and she sat down at a table to catch her breath. Everyone else seemed to be at work but him.

Mariam walked up to the cute little redhead behind the cash register and asked, "where's Don at?" She looked over at Mariam and replied, "He called in and told me to run the bakery for him today, he went to visit his wife's grave-site." Mariam asked what cemetery he went to and headed out that way.

Once Mariam got there she saw Don standing by his wife's grave. She didn't want to interrupt him so she just listened. Don looked at the gray cherub topped tombstone, laid down some roses and said, "Elisa, I miss you so much, I still haven't completely gotten over losing you, but I thought I would tell you about an awesome woman I met. Her name is Mariam she makes me laugh the way you used too and she is so beautiful. The only problem is I don't think she feels the same way about me." Mariam burst into tears and said, "Yes she does, Don I have fallen completely in love with you. I thought I loved Rob, but I didn't, what I feel for you is love. I have never felt like this about anybody."

Don ran over to Mariam and said, "I love you too, I knew you were something special the moment I saw you." Mariam looked at Don and said," I have wanted to be loved for so long and with you I can finally have that, so what are waiting for kiss me already" and they began to kiss. Mariam knew this was just the beginning of many love stories, the two would be sharing together.


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