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I Just Need

Updated on January 19, 2016


Love... | Source

I Need...

I need a warm embrace

to fill a little gap

that lingers in my soul,

making my eyes wet

at certain times of night.

Are you listening to me?

Are you really listening to me?

My soul is wounded,

and I need a little something

to help me feel alive.

I need to feel right now

the soft touch of a soul

that really cares about me

and my deep feelings.

Hear me...

Can you hear me?

My soul longs for

a little bit of tenderness,

to remind me that

thereĀ“s not only darkness

in this big world.

I don't know if this is what I need,

or if this is only a yearning

created by loneliness.

Does it matter?

I just wanna do

what my heart

is now telling me to do.

Can you hear me?

I've been waiting for you,

from the day I was born.

I knew that,

somebody, somewhere,

a tender soul was waiting for me,

And now, it does look like

as if I found it.

I don't care if this is only

the most beautiful dream.

I just wanna hold onto this feeling,

and keep this warmth with me

until the end of time.

Can you hear me?

My heart is calling out your name.


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