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I Know- Romantic Poem I Love you Jess

Updated on January 4, 2013

Title: I Know

I Know

You’re special

I know we’re on a different page

I know we don’t see things the same

But in a world consumed by change

You complete and grant a name

The satiation in every breath

Is a beauty that’s upheld by the sight of you

You complete me

So any time you lack the light

To see the beauty every night

Dive into the minutes of a memory

And just believe it’s days until it’s you and me

Cause in this world of lacked direction

Holds strong the bond of our affection

Tomorrow couldn’t be without you

Close your eyes, you’re beautiful

Dreams can’t be taken from what’s meant to be

And each time we kiss, it’s a that chance to see

That the darkest shadows have a glimmer of hope

And in a midnight sky, you’re my shooting star; my wish for me

So hold to the thread of a moment

It’s attached to something so much more

So baby just believe

Every word you say, I’m somewhere listening

Every breath your breathe, my soul’s there comforting

When two people are made to be, it’s just time

And tomorrow I’ll always be there

©Sean Monaghan 1/4/2013


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