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Updated on July 11, 2017

O sight, that has nourished the colors of my imagination,

O friend, that have warned me of tribulation,

O dance partner that safely guided me through obstructed ways.

O light of my days, why are you leaving me today?

We have been together since my youth.

You have never minded my moods.

You tolerated my horrid paints

And in tears protected me from foreign fiends.

Where others thought it was vanity

I augmented your visual quality,

But their words appealed to my pride

And I deflected your corrections.

Leave me not!

Stay a while longer.

I will care for you as you have for me.

Let it not be too late! Let it not be goodbye.

You leave me now.

My views are now foggy.

I wink in bitterness and

Sink in deep darkness.

You told me

Of your departure.

You flashed, warned

And I ignored you.

I will

Miss you,

My friend;

My sight.



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