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I Love Writing

Updated on March 24, 2016

I enjoy writing immensely, because you get to let you imagination run free. There are no boundaries to go by, there are no limit constraints to adhere to, and more importantly, you have the powerful opportunity to write what could be the story of your life. Think about it, you write down your goals, you write down your itinerary, or have someone write them for you. Some of us even pay careful detail as to a shopping list of what they are going to purchase from a store more so then what they are going to do with their life. What story would you like to write for yourself?

I challenge you to write a story about yourself and read it thoroughly when you are done. You don’t have time. Then write a synopsis of your life and read it thoroughly. When you are done reading your story it will give you a certain perspective and some clarity of certain aspects of your life. You may want to change or tweak something. This is an amazing process that one should do, simply put, you should make a habit of it.

Being brutally honest with yourself as you write gives you such a release as if you were talking to someone and can be therapeutic in way you can’t imagine. I have always written poems about what I have gone through, imagined going through, my views on certain topics, events, and other people’s lives. However, the feeling that I received by writing about my own life to myself was far stronger than writing poetry. You see, with poetry, it allowed me to feel a sense of relief. When I wrote about what I went through with such detailed as to how I felt at a particular time and why. That process allowed me to prevent mistakes, change my attitude and ultimately change my way of thinking. Analyzing what I have written also assisted me to change how I responded in situations.

There are so many topics we can choose to write about. But the best topic to start with his our own story. It’s best to analyze yourself before you choose to criticize anyone else. How could you give your opinion about values and what you have stand for if you have not truly assessed your own life, values, and what you stand for on paper and seriously dissect yourself? We must take responsibility for our own actions physically and mentally before we can give a valued opinion to someone else.

One day I was at work and felt as though I have out grown my position within my department. I started to write about all that I have achieved within my department and where else within the department I could advance to. After writing for about twenty minutes and re-reading what I have written. I realize the department I was in had no upward mobility and there were no lateral moves I wanted to make within the company.

So, what did I spend so many years there? I knew the answer to that question too. I became complacent, I was comfortable in my position at work and did not realize it. I was caught up in the everyday grind of going to work to pay my bills and to provide for my family. The point I want to make here is, had I not stopped to write about my time at work and analyze what I have written I would have been a victim of my own inability to recognize a needed change in my life. Writing allows us to the wonderful opportunity to see what can change, what could be possible, and how we can plan for something much better than what we currently have.

I love writing and realize it is an integral part of my life now and can't see myself without writing every day. Through my writing I hope to uplift, bring value, and inspire all those who have graced my words with their inquisitive minds. I am learning about writing every day and the more that I write, the more I deepen my love for the art of writing. Not only do I enjoy writing, I enjoy reading about all sorts of things. Reading has always been my way of relaxing and sort of getting way from the daily grind.

If you have read this, I want to know how writing have touch and changed your life?


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