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I Love You - A Song for ELUL

Updated on August 22, 2013

You’re more than I could ever have imagined

You far exceed desires for which I long

I wish I could express the feelings deep within my heart

I’ve captured but a fragment in this song

I love You

More than the stars could tell

More than a wish at a wishing well

More than the wind could blow

Le Dodi

You are my number One

Brighter are You than the light of the sun

Or its mirror within the moon

You are my everything

You’re more than I can fathom

It doesn’t matter where I am

I know that You’re with me

I love You

More than I can express

More than my heart’s able to possess

More than that which I aspire

Le Dodi

You are Whom I adore

The Master of what life is purposed for

You hold my destiny

Nothing compares to You

One like You is not found

You’re the One Headmaster

As the Trumpets prepare to sound

I love you

More than the years of all time

More than the thoughts that connects with mine

More than the world could know

Le Dodi

I have but one request

Help me to be at my very best

So my life will honor You

Le Dodi

You’re my Beloved One

You’re my Beloved One


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