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Loving You Like...

Updated on July 11, 2014

I love you like the rays of sun

With cool breezes, and cloud-shape fun

I love you like fresh citrus juice

On worst of days, you’re super cool

I love you like fat kids love cake

Have you seen ME as of late

I love you like black or white

You piss me off, but that’s alright

I love you like a thunder cloud

You may be small, but super loud

I love you like how East meets West

Between both our worlds, I have the best

I love you like a superstar

How when you play games, it really means war

I love you like a case of marbles

Since you lost yours, I felt horrible

I love you like an old time song

You seem so simple, but you’re never wrong

I love you like a coin of gold

You’re precious even when you’re old

I love you like a horse loves hay

I’d love you forever anyway

- Brandon Jared Martin © 2013


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