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I Love You No More

Updated on June 28, 2017
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I have been writing poetry for many years and have completed a book of poems to be released soon.

Broken Heart
Broken Heart

There is no more tears to cry, it’s all dried up

There is no blood in my veins, but yet I still do all the cuts

Who are you now? Who are you now?

I really don’t love you any more

Please turn away and walk through that door

I had given my heart to you, but you never thought it was precious

I thought you would have shielded it, but instead it was a dagger

How could you, when I already told you there is no other

You took my love and it went overboard

Then I caught you with him, my soul stopped, my tongue knew no words

I was angry at myself, for placing my all in you

I was a bitter bait, for thinking I could trust you

I used to sit up at nights, drinking coffee in the dark

Looking at the dwindling spark

I cannot forgive you. No, not this time

You have had your fill, you had your time

So go now, go explore.

I will be moving on eventually, I love you no more.

How many times have your heart been broken?

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© 2017 Clive Williams


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