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I Poisoned You Babe

Updated on January 16, 2015

Love poison

love, poison,
love, poison, | Source

Love poison

love poison
love poison

I Poisoned You Babe

I called him in his room, his red black shady room.

I gave him his glass of vodka and smiled at him.

My red gown was fluttering and calling him.

He was smiling and his handsome face glowing.

His long fingers oozing lust in my back.

He slowly kissed in my neck.

He gave me a rose.

Told me the dinner was tasty.

Told me the house is clean.

Told me I should scrub the toilets.

Told me I should do the shopping.

Told me I should sing a song.

Told me I should laugh slowly.

Yes My darling!!! I then said.

And Finally said I poisoned you babeā€¦

Poison Love


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