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Updated on January 9, 2015


When the bell shines

It tells us its old rime

It is older and sweeter like a wine

It takes us to its time

Once i shone like a sun it says

People were things on whom i used to glare

I’ve seen the children playing fold

I’ve seen my mistress’s gold

I used to shout when they shaked me

I never complained when the winds tried to break me

Nor did i complained when they left me in the rains

Cause i knew my tears were going to drain

I have seen your trees grow old

I’ still remember the pond in which you used to float

My only partners were the chimes

They used to dance when the rains arrived

I am still heads up like a guard

I still see the people in the park

I know you have never thanked me, nor you’ll do it later

But i will survive to live in hope of that my next owner might be better

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This poem has been titled "I SHINE" because when the bell was new it used to shine like gold and though now it is old and corroded but still it has not lost her hope of that someday it will be rewarded for her services.


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    • profile image

      namiey 3 years ago

      quiet something to write about, well done.