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I, Shipwreck (Poem/Song Lyrics)

Updated on June 15, 2016
Titen-Sxull profile image

Titen-Sxull writes articles on topics such as religion and skepticism - original poetry and short-stories - and film/tv/book/game reviews.

I, Shipwreck

I, Shipwreck

I looked down into the depths
I peered over the edge
I dug these worn earthen steps
To get beneath the abyss

But I was swallowed by an angry sea
A bottomless pit opened before me
Chaos devouring order
Beauty broken and pulled apart piece by piece

I am lost and all the stars are dead
How can I find my way, here at the end?
Navigation is meaningless, in this heat death
As we slowly drift

It came with such sudden violence
And yet I always knew this day would come
At the edge of the event horizon
Staring into the eyes of oblivion

Take for granted the truths that bind you
And the lies with which you save yourself
Patch together the broken boards
That threaten to sink your listing ship

I've never seen a darker blue
I've never heard such a sweet song
O'er the edge I will follow you
And be damned here in your arms

I am lost and the storm is alive again
How can I find my way, through blinding rain?
Navigation is meaningless, in this maelstrom
As we head for disaster

I looked down and saw who I once was
And it scared me how little I'd changed
How these scales became a second skin
That replaced the name I was born with

And the destiny I once was ready to die for
Set on the funeral pyre and pushed out to sea
Just another dreamer strangled by fear
Another future killed by anxiety

Another sailor who followed the siren song
Then peered into infinity and lost his mind
I'm so afraid of walking safely home
That I'd rather fall forevermore

I am lost and the war is raging on
How can I find my way home, through bullets and flame?
Navigation is meaningless, in this nihilist daydream
As we head for the graveyard

But I was swallowed by an angry sea
A bottomless pit opened before me
Chaos devouring order
Beauty broken and pulled apart piece by piece

Bonus Poem: The Ritual

The shadows move
With a thousand hands
The hourglass churning
Showered in the sand

Black altars burning
A sea of wax at the base of the circle
As the scarlet moon rises
Baptized with new purpose in her heart

All the resistance to entropy
Means precisely nothing in the end
Your dedication to them is admirable
But meaningless

With abandon lingering on your tongue
You turn your back and vanish
And at the bank of the River
You wade beneath and take a breath

A celebration of helplessness
Of waiting for the tide to fill your lungs
Inhalation of salt
Everything erodes, even the bones

Don't let it break you
Because you're already broken
A limbless speck within the void
Swaying to the song of stardust

This amnesia has clouded their minds
They are more beautiful than they know
But that won't stop them from coming
To discover you already destroyed

Burn the empire from the inside
A self-contained eruption of sub-structural madness
An awakening to the fact that if you can't beat them
Losing to yourself becomes your only victory

Down a thousand ebony stairs
Into the cacophony and discord
Until doubt is the only certainty
And hope is nothing but ashes and dust

Upon that dust you build your throne
And gaze out upon the lonely sea
Of the ocean that will swallow your home
And rob you of your sanity

The chanting reaches fever pitch
The dark-stormed mind unwavering
The sacrificial dagger slits
The throat of slumbering hope

In that moment of celebrity
Of being the star to start the fall
Wormwood crashing to the Earth
The portent that will doom us all

Feel ready for the hungry age
Of chaos and of doom-fed strength
When entropy escapes her cage
And feeds you to the maw of death

It sits simmering beneath small talk
In the quiet just behind your eyes
The silent love you made sure was stillborn
To keep hope from coming back to life

Smothered by the caring hands
Of that ever approaching shadow
Of the truth that it all ends
The scarcity of your tomorrows

The hourglass devours all
The ritual always proceeding
Buried neck deep in the dunes
Waiting for the tide

Author's Note

Been a hectic couple of weeks getting moved into a new place and settled but I hope to soon be doing at least one hub a week.

In the meantime I thought I'd post some poems/lyrics I've recently written. The first idea came to me when I thought about the whole process of my life. I feel like debris that is just dragged by the ocean, the tide pulls me from the shore and deposits me elsewhere. There is also the theme of looking into oneself, or peering over the edge into the depths.

Both poems have a common theme of entropy with the second one being about surrendering to the inevitable. The sands in the hourglass are running out and there is nothing we can do about it, but even as we are surrounded and inundated we can decide where and how 'the ritual' ends. The Ritual, of course, is a metaphor for life, as we each go through the motions, the rituals, and the chanting and sand in the hourglass represent the inevitable end.

Anyway I hope you enjoy these and like I said I want to get back to doing more regular content which may involve reading and reviewing another book of Apologetics like I did earlier this year. We'll see.


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    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      Enjoyed these poems and their 'rate' on life.


    • Austinstar profile image


      2 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      "Burn the empire from the inside

      A self-contained eruption of sub-structural madness

      An awakening to the fact that if you can't beat them

      Losing to yourself becomes your only victory"

      So very true and meaningful. Sometimes a beautiful mind is also tortured by itself.


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