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I Should Of Went To Bed Hours Ago

Updated on April 15, 2012

One More Hub

I could go to sleep and forget all the stories that I have read

I can close my eyes instead of squinting like my eyes now do

That would be no fun and wouldn't be better to say

I stayed up late on the computer

It felt like all night

I said to myself self I will go to bed when I see one comment

Until then I will type everything I know and love

I will press on

I will put by best foot forward and dig into my gut

I will writet my best story yet

Then again how long can this go on for

Don't think about that now?

First it was one o'clock then two or three

Now it is four ten A.M. it rhymes

Maybe it is a sign

When I finish this story I will be off to bed

All I am looking for is one comment to show there is life out there in computer land

I don't know how many people can read a story at once

That is a question for the Geek Squad for sure

I am lucky to have my fingers on the right keys

I get a little punchy and my eyes shut

That is a sign of a good writer one who carries on untill he is done

One that won't stop just because he hasn't slept

My house is quiet and even my cat is asleep

I hope to pound my keys until my fingers bleed

Only joking that is way too extreme even for me

I try to figure out the best time to write and when my creative juices are flowing

I can only say when I type my words come out as if they were a play

Written already and now just rewritten by me

All I have to do is type and there will be a script

I feel the energy under my fingernails to type what means the most in my life

How I feel at this very moment

How it moves me to be a better person not just physically but emotionally too

How to grasp an idea and stay with it until it pops

Like Rice Krispies in a bowl as soon as you add milk

I know I can do this and as long as I don't hit delete

One day I will be proud of all the thoughts that I kept on writing

To clearify and make better

There are so many proverbs I can only think of one at the moment

Practice makes perfect and I am here to practice unconditionally

I am here to do whatever it takes to push to the limit

To get the most out of every thought

To see if the grass is always greener on the other side

I could get a glass of water and I am quite thirsty

I could eat some icecream and then I would stay up later and have to brush my teeth again

Like everything is a struggle and my writing is fun and I love it too much to stop

I feel I am in my zone

I feel the intensity of the moment

I have to work tomorrow and I need sleep

I will check my comments for the seventh time in this last hour

My eyes are getting dizzy and my thoughts our fading fast

Don' look back and keep going forward

I missed the March madness and April Fools day has come and gone

I even missed Friday the Thirteenth

I will end it with one more inspirational thought

If I can do this with a purpose you can find a purpose to

To do what you want and don't stop no matter what everyone else thinks

You feel good inside and you know that is what counts

Not the lack of money or time just a desire to be better

All I ask is how long will this last ?


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      6 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick We all struggle with priorities and how to make the most of our day.I am trying to push it to the limit.I crashed and will have to try again another time.Each time making progress toward one goal.Enjoying a peaceful and happy life.Thanx for secretly sharing the earning morning fun.(Yawn!)

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      6 years ago from Great Britain

      This was brilliant. first I couldn´t help laughing because I am the same, typing away and suddenly it´s 4.0. a.m. I have to creep quietly , for if my husband wakes he´ll be most annoyed that I´mm still on the computer , knowing how difficult I find the mornings (Yawn!).

      You write from the heart and I love it. Thank you.


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