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I Sneak Through The Woods Like Robin Hood Of The Hub Pages

Updated on January 29, 2012

If You Hear A Noise I Might Be There

Times have changed so has Robin Hood

Instead of taking from the rich and giving to the poor

He has decided to find ideas left idle and make the right match

He will go to great lengths to dig out the most undesirable thoughts

Turn it around and make it hot

Take the lame and turn it into fame

Find the sad and the mad and make them happy

To find what we have lost and value so much

Our true identity hidden behind all the trees

You can run and you can hide but soon or later you will die

I will race up and down and try to find a clown

To make you forget your worries and your pain

Only to pretend you have a stock with a 120% gain

I will think real hard when sleep deprived

I will walk in the wrong direction sometimes being trampled

No not to death

I will only go so far and even fantasy characters have their limits

I walk on egg shells then run when they crack

My mind is open like a huge wet vac

I never seem to have enough of a good thing

Everything I have ever read has said that is bad thing

So I keep moving not to get caught or get kidnapped or held for the lowest ransome

I will try and make every attempt to nock over that empty coke can and kick it high in the air

To show others fun is free and we can do it often

Life is inbearable and darn right hard

We are all in this together

So if I find a secret on how to do something easier and faster

I will be the first to say

Try it this way

There is a strong chance you might run or ignore me completely

That's o,k, I have learned from friends and family

I am willing to take that chance

Because I work long and hard and find few things easy

Even Suzie who others say anyone could have the most fun they ever had

I got a nod and a smile and it has been five long years and I underestimated the word laterr

Stop and think

If life isn't what you want

Take the time to change it

Make it better

Make it better than that

I kow you think I have it easy

I just sit back and type a few words

Well with two million words to pick from

I want to see you pick the right ones

Remember life is a game that can be played and played every day

We all lose from time to time

When we win we deserve everything we get

So hang in there

Show some faith

Not in a sports team like the New England Patriots

But then again it couldn't hurt

How about in ourselves first

Trying to do what is right and boring most of the time

But in the end we can say it was worth every cent

Just because I ran out of money and no one will lend me anymore

I wouldn't have it any other way

Unless Tom Brady wants to share some of his wealth

I can still dream and so can you

The more we do it the more we practice

Practice doesn't make us perfect

It just makes us better at trying

So with another smile

My eyes are closing and I am mentally and physically exhausted

Until next time I hope I can make this better and make it all rhyme


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