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Feeling Lost and Heartbroken

Updated on July 23, 2017

The Moment When You Are Heartbroken and Lost

I am lost

I dont know where I am

Am i heading to finish line

Or am i about to start

Its always been like this

Im stuck!

It feels like im imprisoned

It feels like i am chained by unbreakable chains

It feels like a spell

I want a fresh start

It wasnt the way i wanted

The pain of the past keeps hunting me

Everything are illusions

Sweet talks and gestures were not true

The pain is getting worse, the more i hold on

Expectations of sweet life, happy family

Written only in this poem and impossible to attain

If only I could die now, right now, at this moment,

At this time, the moment i am writing this poem

Coz the pain is killing me, i cant barely tolerate

If only i could have a second life

I would spend it the right way

I dont know where I am right now

I dont where i am heading

I dont what will happen to us

I really dont know

Coz i am losing hope

Its getting impossible


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