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I Think I Am Ready to Take a Leap

Updated on June 30, 2017

I Think I Am Ready To Take A Leap

Change, They Say, Is Inevitable

Yes, It Is And I Felt Every Second Of The Day

Every Nerve, Every Vein Inside My Body

Change Can Be Hidden (At First) Yet Became Observable.

Life Changes Are Gradual Yet Challenging

Becoming A Mother Is The Most Challenging Part

Becoming A Wife Is Far The Most Difficult Part

Yet This Defines What Life Is.

Having A Baby Is A Milestone In A Woman's Life

It's Like A New Journey Every Woman Desired To Travel

It's Like The Missing Piece In A Puzzle

It's A Blessing And A Symbol Of Life's Beauty And Magnificence.

To Be A Good Wife Is To Be A Nurturer

To Support And To Care

To Nourish And To Nurse

To Keep The Unfailing Love.

Emotions Are Overflowing

Coz I Know I Am About To Take A Leap

I Know Its Going To Be Hard

Yet That What Makes Life Worth Living For...

© 2017 DJ Keem


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