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I Thought About You Today!

Updated on December 18, 2020
Gina Welds-Hulse profile image

Student of life, lifelong learner, mother, writer, artist, poet, dancer, musician, and martial artist ... passionate about all of these.

Death took a part of me!

It's now been two years since you left us, and it doesn't get any easier.

I thought about you today....but that's not unusual. I think about you everyday. You're on my mind and in my heart always.....and that's where you'll be from now on.

Death took a part of me too soon. Never more will I feel your touch. Never more will I feel your legs entwined with mine. Never more will I hear you scream my name or whisper, "Honey" in that way that sends goose-bumps down my spine.

I can still feel your arms around me!

I can still feel your arms around me, holding me during some of the toughest times of my life. I still remember the long drives to come to see me even when you were angry with me.

Christmas makes memories.

Christmas memories

I thought about you, and missed you, today as I looked at the Christmas tree, and I remember the one we put together.

The kitchen sink

I thought about you, and missed you today as I stood by the kitchen sink, and I remembered how you came up behind me, putting your arms around me. I'm smiling as I remember what happened next.

Being together was enough.

Being together was enough.

I missed you today as I sat here in silence in the early morning hours, and I remember you telling that sometimes it is not necessary to say anything....that being together was enough.

Favorite breakfast spot

I missed you today as I drove past our favorite breakfast spot. I still remember the first time we went there. We sat in the same seats each time we returned. You never sat across from me. You always sat next to me, holding my hand.

Afraid of losing me

I thought about you today as I stood looking into my closet. I remember how you'd come up behind me as I was getting dressed, and grabbed me, holding me close as if you were scared of losing me. I remember the closet clearly because it was where we had our first argument. Looking back on it, it was such a worthless argument, and should have never taken place.

You were so spontaneous.

I thought about you today as I drove past places we used to visit, like the park and the village. You were always so spontaneous with me.

Come away with me.

I missed you today when I remember how I ended "us." I knew you missed me too because you kept coming night or on the weekends, and you admitted that I had somehow gotten under your skin....and you couldn't stay away. I actually enjoyed the thought.

I still play the Nora Jones CD you made for me, and can still hear you singing, "Come Away With Me."

I still play the Nora Jones CD you made for me, and can still hear you singing, "Come Away With Me."

Nothing could have kept us apart.

Nothing could keep us apart. You would still call. We still communicated via our secret Facebook page, and other methods. It wasn't always pleasant, but by now we had shared so much we were connected for life.

Nothing would keep us apart...or so I thought.

I wish....

Wishing you were still here.

I saw a shooting star tonight, and immediately thought of fulfilling my own greed by wishing you were still here.

I know you're in a better place, away from the pain of sickness.

Sadness has taken residence in my heart.

Time passes, but sadness has found a place in my heart, and I know it will take a while to leave.

I still hear your voice. I still feel your touch. I still see how your eyes light up when you smile.

If only tears could bring you back. What would I do or give? Each place I hide reminds me of you.

I will miss you until the tears dry up in my body, and time makes my body disappear into the sand.

I miss you in every way.

I wish there was a telephone in Heaven so that I could hear your voice one last time...

In the years to come....

I will think about the moments that we shared. I will think how we lived each moment and each day with no regrets.

In the years to come I will remember the last time I heard your voice, and will treasure that memory.

In the years to come I am sure that I will wish there was a telephone in heaven so that I could hear your voice one last time. I don't care how much they would charge the hour or by the long as I could hear your last time!

I miss you and always think of you!

Wishing still for one more day.....

This is one of my favorite songs. It helps me to get through the tough times of missing loved ones.

I will remember...

No matter how hard it gets, I will always remember the words to this poem, and know that you are always with us, looking down on us.

You're wonderful to think of, but you're hard to be without!

© 2015 Gina Welds Hulse


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    • Brenda Arledge profile image


      15 months ago from Washington Court House

      This is so touching and heartfelt. I feel your pain.

      It is so hard to go through the motions of every day when everything reminds you of the one you loss.

      Great write.

    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 

      2 years ago from Hightstown

      Well, first of all, I must say I love Nora Jones singing she is brilliant and those picture to your words stand out amazing I enjoyed reading all these appetizers to the main course of words

    • manatita44 profile image


      3 years ago from london

      Touching; poignant and quite a common one. Such a big part of the journey of the Soul!

      We are alone, really, passing through this earthly sojourn, trying to find our way home. All things are transitory. We've had many mothers, fathers, husbands, lovers ... bouncing along the Wheels of Samsara, to our one and only Love, our Father Supreme.

      Nevertheless, I hear you, for I, too, have felt the pain, the aloneness, the insecurity ... rest assured that the Maker helps us, walks with us and nudges us from time to time. Glory be! Praise be!

      Another insightful Hub.


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