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I Want To Know More About Fantasy Writing

Updated on December 9, 2014

My Thoughts

I use to think that fantasy was something like Lord of the Rings. I am not sure that I can write something like Lord of the Rings.

These novels have opened up new worlds of Elves, Orces, Humans, Witches, Spiders, Hobbits, hidden palaces, and never-ending landscapes. All of these characters are able to walk for miles without rest. I know they rested but they should have been tired more often.

So, this gets me to thinking that maybe fantasy has something to do with characters doing something that they would normally not have the power to do.

I know that a character like Superman must be some type of fantasy. He has the super powers to fly, X-ray vision, and somehow has the power to make that material over his S in his cape. I can only guess that it is on a how-to in his crystal cave.

There are some other characters in that series that are fantasy like: Lois Lane. She must be have ESP. Who else can find a story as fast as her? I know that there are other reporters there on the scene but she is at too many scenes of the crime.

Also, she can withstand heights that would make the normal woman faint and does not pass out when Superman increases his fight speed. She has the ability to remember a lot of facts.

Everyone in the story seems to have extra powers even if they are small.

Fantasy Vs Science Fiction

This is easy. Fantasy has more magic.

Soft Science fiction has magic in it but Hard Science fiction has only science.

What does this mean?

Fantasy are using items are people that are not designed to use magic. Men don't normally carry around wands. I fantasy they are called wizards, witches, sorcerers, and necromancer there are many other names for this people.

In Soft science fiction a ship might shot magic lasers, have some sort of magic shield. Or, a person might do something that is not proven to work.

The Terminator movie could be seen as a model for soft science fiction. Why? 1) Time travel is not proven. 2) People can build robots but we have yet to build a robot with live tissue over top of it at the release of the movie or comic book.

In Hard Science fiction is all science. If it does not work now it is not in the book. This does not mean you can't use rare true results to get your fiction story.

Can they be mixed together and still meet the requirements for each fiction?

Not hard fiction. Hard fiction is mostly fact or facts that are being proven today in some places in the world.

In fantasy and soft science fiction can be mixed.

Is my novel Fantasy or Science fiction?

If you novel avoids facts or real results for most of the novel, it is Fantasy. There are some that have no science in the novel at all. The novel has more magic than science.

If you novel has science in it that does not always relay on a fact that has been proven by a reliable source, you have Soft Science fiction. The novel has more science then magic.

Fantasy And Science Fiction

Writing it has to have something to do with reality. The characters could be real people but they have magical or scientific problems.

Elves have the problem of living forever.

Ghosts might have the problem with not being able to touch people.

Robots might have a problem with understanding human speech.

Shifters might have a problem interacting with others.

Humans might not like any of the able characters. Or, maybe their computer never works.

Someone is on a desert island without magic but can only use their intelligence to live.

The Story Idea

The story idea what keeps your characters going to the end.

1) Decide on an idea for your story.

2) Give the story a goal. I am not saying you will reach your goal. Just, try to get there.

3) Make a few short characters. This is not easy but it has to be done, unless you can meet your goal with random characters.

4) Add the characters to your story. Where do they fit.

Start to write the story. It is alright if the characters do not reach the goal but they must reach a conclusion to the story.


I know you want to make a world of amazing characters doing even more amazing things. These are things that need to be avoided:

1) Moving away from your target audience in a series. Some one with an established audience should not turn their back on what made the author money in the first place. If someone wants you to have a gay romance and you only have straight characters, try starting another series. Remember who really pays the bills.

2) Moving from soft to hard core erotic fantasy. Audiences might forgive, if they know that this new book is going to be different than the rest, as noted in a website.

3) Switching from Hard Science fiction to Soft Science fiction in a series. Pick one or the other.

4) Not giving you novel a conclusion. Make sure I know that I don't have to read your next novel.

5) Sex for young characters. I know there are people that like to challenge the rules, but too many people are challenging that rule. Challenging the age rules has become normal. Fantasy is not about being normal.


Most people want to challenge when they are told, "No."

Always ask yourself why you want to challenge the word. Most people will stay they have a new idea.

Alright. Write your story. This could be a new story. No one will never know if it is a new story unless you have written it.


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