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I Was In A Dream..the Pleasure Of Being In a FANTASY WORLD

Updated on March 18, 2017

Out of the blue,

once myself I found,

I was ona planet

which was not round!

Flowers were green,

the leaves were pink,

seeing all this,

in thoughts I sink.

The tiny birds

having a human face!

The lazy tortoise,

in a speedy pace!

Wild as bear!

Is the little white rabbit,

the huge tiger

having a peaceful habit.

The four-legged dog

standing on two legs!

Cow, a mammal

is laying eggs!

The hoarse peacock,

singing like a nightingle,

the cats dancing,

like bells jingle!

Then suddenly I saw

the snowy polar bear,

comfortably sleeping

in scorching hot air!

Then my eyes

caught an astonishing sight,

it was a man

of very short height!

He was walking

in a very weird gait,

the hair on his head

stood upright, straight!

Compared to his body

his hands were tall,

his eyes were bigger

than round tennis ball!

In the chocolate river

he went and dived!

Even without water,

the fish survived!

Surprisingly I saw

a chocolate fountain,

emerging exuberantly,

from a wafer mountain!

This new nature,

with new colors and sound,

all made me

amazed, spellbound.

Then my eyes opened

by the sun’s yellow beam,

I then realized


I was on a planet which was not round
I was on a planet which was not round
the four- legged dog on two legs
the four- legged dog on two legs
the leaves were pink
the leaves were pink
in the chocolate river
in the chocolate river
cow , a mammal laying eggs
cow , a mammal laying eggs


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 12 months ago from Queensland Australia

      I enjoyed the strange world created in your dreams. A little like my own in my poem Betelgeuse.

    • gg.zaino profile image

      greg g zaino 12 months ago from L'America- Big Pine Key, Florida

      Debangee, I believe that this poem would make a fine illustrated children's story depicting your dream characters and their antics.

      Fun read- thank you


    • Debangee Mandal profile image

      DEBANGEE MANDAL 12 months ago from India

      Yeah it was seriously a memorable dream..

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 12 months ago from Potter County, Pa.

      What a dream that must have been. I have strange dreams but nothing that dramatic. Good poem.

    • Debangee Mandal profile image

      DEBANGEE MANDAL 12 months ago from India

      If you too have such dreams.. do share them