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I Was Listening

Updated on March 3, 2011

Not too long ago, I was working around Louisburg, North Carolina. I like working in this area even though it’s a long drive home. The people here are nice with an almost the exact opposite attitude towards life than people around Cary and Apex. A farming community to where a person can be at a stop light right next to a tractor. 

However, there are also a certain types of people as seen on TV shows like Maury Povich and Jerry Springer. To tell you the truth, experiencing it up close and personal, I do have to admit that I find myself laughing when I see these types of people. But to protect the dignity of everyone is when I return to the backroom as soon as I can.

One early morning I was working in a Food Lion when a family made there way down the isle another vendor and I were on. They were talking up a storm and the only thing the other vendor and I could do was try not to look. Nevertheless to say, we did. This family consisted of a mother and her two daughters. The mother, whose skin, was turning to a nice golden mummified leather look. Her cigarette had the look of being surgically affixed to the side of her mouth. She was wearing a wonderfully beautiful dress that doubled for a nightgown. Talking to a person on a cell phone her first daughter was using.

The first daughter was wearing very short nearly transparent white pants with bikini style striped underwear. Her shirt is a pink tank top with thin straps going over the shoulder and a bra with very thick straps going over the shoulder. Flip flop shoes and no socks with a hair style that screams ‘rinse, lather and repeat’. In addition, a cell phone connecting her hand to her head and a very colorful mouth on auto talk.

The second daughter, who everybody was watching, attracted the most attention. She didn’t really look fat; she just had a little more meat on the bones, so to speak. She was wearing a bikini top for a bra with a jersey mesh t-shirt that was cut off just below the nipple breast area. She is wearing flip flops and her mini skirt looked more like two dish towels that were sown together that an actual mini skirt. It was just barely hanging around her hips and just did cover the bottom part of her somewhat underwear. When she bent over to get something on the bottom of the shelf, the other vendor and I nearly turned to stone. Her skimpy underwear had a rather large hole in it. Let’s just say she shaves and it was wet. Moreover, she may be six months pregnant. But that part was gathered by their lively conversation the entire store was privileged to hear.

These people were talking non-stop while in the store. Apparently, the second daughter is upset with her boyfriend because he took a pack of cigarettes from her car the day before. In addition, he came home late the other night, which means he is sleeping around with someone else. Mind you, I’m leaving out the curse words from their conversation. The first daughter was talking to her boyfriend who wanted her to spend the night with him. Her mother wanted to make sure he came over to pick her up because she didn’t want to leave the house and miss her TV shows.

It wasn’t too long before everyone working in the store was in the backroom talking about these three women. A few of us were putting these women conversations together to figure out what was going on. The first daughter may be pregnant. Therefore, she is sleeping with one of her current boyfriends because he is the only one who has a job. The girls’ dad is at home with a handover from drinking with his no-good friends. The second daughter apparently needs batteries for her “personal massager”. In addition, she wants to buy a new skirt to impress a guy she met at Wendy’s and his English is getting better. Mom wants to stop at the liquor store and have the first daughter to pay for it because she borrowed $20 to buy cigarettes last week and never paid her back.

These types of women will love you with all their heart until one of three things happen. You stop buying them things, stop giving them money or you disagree with them. You see these women on websites posing nude with a beer can in their hands. Get them drunk and alone and they will let you take all the pictures you want in any position you can think of. Give them some money afterwards and she’ll be more willing to let you take more pictures or videos of her next time. I was warned about these kinds of women a long time ago so I was able to avoid them.

The reason I know a lot about these types of women came from my dad. After my parents divorced when I was four years old, he moved to Middlesex, NC. I would spend weekends with him from time to time and he would honestly tell me about the different types of women out there. I clearly remembering one day I was with my dad and one of his friends while we were driving through Middlesex when we saw about 5 girls walking together. My dad friends told me to look carefully at their faces. As we arrived at my dad’s friends place, he brought out a photo album with pictures of a lot of naked women and girls on. Sure enough, I recognized a few of those girls walking through town.

A few girls in these Polaroid pictures, I’m told, will do anything just to get naked for alcohol, money but mostly for sex. Their ages in this photo album ranged from 15 to 20 and every one of them was very sexually active. A few of them already had babies of their own; they just didn’t know who the father might have been.

This guy told me the only thing you had to do for a get-together was simply wait for them to go walking around and just drive up to them, hand them a can of beer to sip on and let them know who long you need her. In less than five minutes, they’ll be heading over to the guy’s place or as simple as just getting in the back of the car. I was advised if these types of women came to your home, to hide money and other valuables. Never let them see your checkbook or know how much money you really have.

My dad made sure I didn’t get near these girls. It’s one of those few times he did his job and those talks with my dad are by far the best memory I have of him. While he was married to my mother, he was an alcoholic and he cheated on her. The one quality he did have was he knew when he made a huge mistake. The time we did spend together he wanted to make sure I did not make an ass of myself and destroy a perfect relationship like he did have with my mother.

My dad passed away March 1994. My wife and I were blessed together in August 1995. If my dad never talked to me about sex and the different types of women out there, I would never have been able to meet my wife. The few moments with my dad gave me better protection for my future than any high school sex education class. He never met his daughter-in-law or his grandchildren. He never knew that I was able to avoid being in a relationship with these types of women, especially those I saw that early morning at a Food Lion in Louisburg, NC.

He never knew that I was listening.


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    • profile image

      Jeanette 7 years ago

      Oh my, I am so old fashioned. I would never leave my house thinking anyone could easily see my cookies. You have some interesting stories on here. Keep doing it and maybe one day I'll see your name as the person who wrote the movie, sitcom, drama etc.

    • melmika profile image

      melmika 7 years ago from Wendell, NC

      I saw them clearly as did other people on that early Saturday morning. Everyone else in Louisburg are not like these people I wrote about. The Manager stated that there are a few families who live in the area who are very similar to those I just described but they usually dress a lot better than these women do. He had to ask them to leave the store on other occasions because of their attire.

    • profile image

      Jeanette 7 years ago

      This story can not be true. Are there really women out there who goes to a GROCERY STORE wearing outfits like that.