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I Was Raped

Updated on January 24, 2018
clivewilliams profile image

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.


Stripped of who I am, a slave in my own land. I was raped.

They took away my dialect, called me savage and said they were the intellect. I was raped.

Torn my clothes off and gave me nothing to wear.

But displayed me like ornaments, cheap life stock they shouted, sold as single, sold as a pair.

Chains shackled around my neck, burned deep into my skin

Raped of my true self, now a slave, once a king.

Frightened and terrified of this white beast

I cried as my father swung from the plantation trees

Why are you raping me? Please stop I beg you.

Don't do to me what you have done to the ones before me, I beg you.

No! I won't keep silent, don't try to rape my voice away

Because this time I will fight, even if it takes years, to the very last day

You can't destroy me any more in your homeland terrorist.

Destroying families, breaking fathers after you have pillage the villages.

How much more do you expect us to take?

You have raped us long enough for goodness sake

No! don't even think of doing it again.

What's that you say, the authorities are your friends?

I know the cards are stacked against me, yes I know.

But deep in my veins is the blood of the chosen, Yahuwah, it flows

Yes, now you know who I am. Back away, leave me alone

Because when the 400 years are over, it will be your turn.

© 2017 Clive Williams


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