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I Will Always Be There

Updated on June 5, 2016

There is a time in our life

when we all need someone,

someone to love, to hold, to laugh with.

Well I will be there.

When the pain in your heart

is crying out to be loved,

to be cared for unconditionally.

Well I will be there.


When you want to share all of the good times,

have fun -

sweet conversation.

Well I will be there.

When the doubts in your mind

are more confusing,

than the feelings in your heart.

And when all around

cannot see you for who you are.

Well I will be there.


When all around seem to have abandoned you

and for your joyous times and heartaches,

a shoulder for support

and a friendly ear -

A love no one can understand.

Well I will be there.

Open up your mind

and open out your arms,

as I offer you a heart for all hearts.

We are two of a kind

a rare genuine breed.

And I will always be there.


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    • peter.matthews profile image

      Peter W Matthews 6 years ago from West Sussex, England

      i am sorry to hear about the decision you are going to have to make, there is nothing worse and sad than losing a pet, your best friend and companion, but I trust you will have lots of happy thoughts and memories to look back on

    • Teresa Coppens profile image

      Teresa Coppens 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I am at this moment making arrangements to peacefully put euthanize my two very elderly canine companions and this poem very much touched my hear! Beautiful!

    • ChilliWilly profile image

      ChilliWilly 6 years ago from Kaunas, Lithuania

      Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing!