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I Will Always Hope for July

Updated on July 24, 2011

I will always hope for July.

The sticky hot tar smell wafting across

the parking lot reminding you of how much you hate

parking lots and people and open spaces

and how much you love my ugly mostly-gums smile

on those hot sticky days

when the sky is so blue there’s no need

to describe it it’s just blue

so my favorite color balloons can escape


in the air which you say is like the ocean

because you need gills to breathe in this humidity

and I laugh and you laugh and you offer me

your arm like a gentleman as we walk

through those crowds you hate

so I can ride the Batman

in the steamy warm surprise summer rain I love

to listen to on the tailgate of your green Honda Element

after sneaking out at midnight and even the crickets are in on it

and you tell me you love me for the last time

because we’re getting married tomorrow

and after that love is a verb.


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