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I Will Be All Things

Updated on October 6, 2011

I Will Be All Things

Whatever is your need, I  will fill it.

And some of your wants along the way.

I will be all things to all  of the people .

If they give Me their heart I will stay.

I can't come into you if I'm not wanted,

I'll just turn  now  and sadly walk on by .

You're almost to the bottom of the pit

But there I will  just have to  let you lie.

By invitation only will I come sup with you .

I can not and will not force my way in.

Only I have the Power to change a life ,

And only I have the Power to forgive sin .

If you won't have Me , I'll be on My way,

There are many who wait for Me to come.

 For  even  in this sick and sin filled world,

 I find there is  still repentance in some.

To them I will go now and leave you alone,

But someday far or near, I know you'll see

The One you rejected could have given Life!

Please , when I  knock,open the door to Me!


Can you imagine what a terrible feeling that

would be to find out you had given  up your 

chance to escape all of the chaos that is

coming to this world . We know that it is bad

but nothing compared to what will be here

soon . Of course ,we do not know when it

will happen but we must be prepared to go

or be left behind to go through such evil

things that you would not even wish on your

worst enemy . I know Christians are not

supposed to have enemies but you never

know what is in another persons heart. If

you  had ever had enemies before Jesus

saved you that feeling has passed away

along with your sins. Thank The Lord for

that. No  more sin and no more fear of

what is on the way to this world . We don't

know when Jesus is coming but we must be

ready to go with no notice at all except for

the signs of the times. Be prepared!


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    • misty95 profile image

      misty95 6 years ago from uk

      lovely. You might want to glance my hubs on evolution