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I Will Respect You

Updated on June 5, 2016

I will laugh with you

and not at you.

I will offer you support,

and not turn you away from me

I will forever love you

and give you no reason to hate me.

I will always think about you

and never forget you in my busy day.

I will hold you close by me

and never abandon your feelings.

I will live in our world

and not get side tracked and lost in my own.

I will give you all that I can give you

and never ever take it away from you.

I will put all my trust in you

and share all that I am with you;

where I will not take anything away from you.

I will open doors for you

and never ever shut you out.

I will never argue with you

but reason with you when we are in that place.

I would like you to be part of my life

and not expect that as partners-

it's your duty.

I will not possess you or control you

but instead

like what is natural between us to grow.

If you love me

it is because it is the way you feel,

it is not because

I would want it that way.


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