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I Will Never Forget Those Eyes (Short Story)

Updated on August 2, 2012

My first day

My first day at a new school and my heart is beating perfusely. It appears to be civvies today, which at least helps me blend with the crowd, unless if my look is a tad offbeat. A tall man in a formal grey suit greets me at the school’s grand entrance. I tilt my head back to catch a glimpse of his eyes that seems to be out shone by the sun behind him.

“Good morning young fellow. You must be Chaz.” He extends his hand.

“That’s me sir.” I shake his frail hands, almost reaching for the sky, “Nice to meet you sir.”

“My pleasure, let’s enter shall we?”

The aura

We entered the glass doors of the grand entrance into the vast size of the first corridor. He lectured me about the rules and regulations of this fine school, it took me a moment to absorb everything he said. As my eyes wondered around this massive corridor, I felt a presence draw me in. I followed it to find a young woman. She sat on a garden bench with her friends, she appears out of place. Her eyes drifted around like mine, but my eyes were now fixed on her. I waited for her eyes to meet mine, hoping for a connection. The tall man continued to speak, but my ears wouldn’t listen. She quickly glanced at me then looked away. I let out a shy smile. She began to interact with her friends. They appeared attentive. It just shows how strong of a presence she carried.

My entry

The tall man lead me away from my trance and into a colourful classroom.

“Okay Chaz, according to your timetable, your first class is…Maths. Which is right here.”

There were quite a few students waiting in the class, now staring at me. The awkward stance overwhelmed me. I was unsure whether to smile and wave, or to duck and hide. They didn’t look too happy to see me though, which made my first day even worse. My knees began to tremble at the thought of my first class being a flop. I was never really good at Maths.

“This is Miss Rodriguez’s class. If you get lost, don’t fear to ask for help.”

Before I had the chance to ask him a question, he disappeared.

Crushing conclusion

An aura swept behind me. It was her. I turned to find her looking deep into my eyes. My body went numb; my lips could not speak. My chest felt tight and my face turned red. Her powerful presence seeped into my soul and stayed there. I loved every second and wished that it would never reach an end. Those eyes stole my sanity, I feared that my brain would freeze.

“Young man…” she said, I focused on her lips and listened to her voice. “Take a seat. You’re wasting my time.”

What I thought was ideal turned worse. She was not as soft and gentle as I had initially hoped. She was loud and aggressive just like a typical Maths teacher. I took my seat and felt disappointment delve in the pits of my stomach. Even though the day was still young, I will never forget those eyes.

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    • profile image

      Ahmed hassan wehliye 4 years ago

      When I was 8 years old, my father took me and my brother on a picnic. On that day, I did something wrong, and I will never forget it. It was a sunny day; I was very happy and excited. When we arrived there, my father warned me that the river was very dangerous and made me promise not to walk up to it. I promised my father, but I did not keep my promise.

      I forget why I walked into the river. Maybe I was curious. I walked into the river, and I fell down because the river was very deep. I could not stand and touch the bottom. I cried out loudly, but nobody was there, except my younger brother.

      I remember that my younger brother was very scared and did not know what he could do because he was just 7 years old. He jumped into the river, but that just made the situation worse because he was even shorter than me and he could not swim. Both of us cried out.

      Fortunately, there was a farmer who was working there. He found us and saved me first. At that time, I could no longer see my brother. I cried louder, and I shouted to the farmer, "Please save my brother!" He was very shocked because it turned out he had only seen me. He asked me, "Are you sure that your brother fell into the river?" "Of course, I am sure!" I answered.

      Then, my father and my mother arrived and started looking for my brother in the river. Finally, they found him and took him to the hospital. Luckily my younger brother is alive, or else I could never forgive myself.

    • JeanesseM profile image

      JeanesseM 5 years ago from South Africa

      I hated school too so that comment deserves a Hi5! Thank you :)

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

      I hated school! lol! great story, and welcome to hubpages!