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I Will Not Chase Love - Poem

Updated on July 6, 2017

I Will Not Chase Love

Oh how the hallowed winds stretch across the moonlit sky
Beneath a thousand twinkling stars,
And Oh how my heart sings its' heartfelt cries
Where love again has left its' jagged scars.

The resounding drops of the morning rain
that doth pour out o'er heavenly days,
remind me of my silent pain
so buried beneath my tears of haze.

Love do not find me, nor look my way..
Send no angels from above...
For my heart has died and withered away
and will not chase love.

Wind o'er my head and gentle breeze
that brings loves' arrows to send,
stay atop the evergreen trees
while this heart o'mine I mend.

Oh Love that lingers in the little streams
sparkling atop the water's glassy smile,
quench not my thirst amidst my screams
and leave me be for a while.

"No" Love, I say to Thee
and I dare not speak of,
I bid you adieu from me
For I will not chase love.

For I will not chase love.

Oh to Thee, Him who paints the seas
I kneel and pray this day,
whil'st upon my knees
to ask why Thou has me betrayed?

With your sharp tongue and fists of steel
that has pounded my heart into three,
Love has shown me that pain is real
and can conquer me.

So "No" to love I yell and fight..

For I will not chase love,
I will not waste love
I will not face love...

But for you,
for you...

I just might.

- © Robert Hutchinson

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    • R.S. Hutchinson profile image

      R.S. Hutchinson 2 years ago from USA

      Thank you Marko.. Your words are very inspiring and make me want to start adding to this blog again. I appreciate your feedback.

    • profile image

      Marko 2 years ago

      Fantastic goods from you, man. Ive study your stuff ahead of and you're just as well amazing. I enjoy what you've got right here, adore what you're staitng and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you even now manage to help keep it wise. I cant wait to go through additional from you. That is really an incredible weblog.

    • R.S. Hutchinson profile image

      R.S. Hutchinson 5 years ago from USA

      Thank You!

    • profile image

      Bowden 6 years ago

      Now this is my new fav!! This just flows so beauitful. I love this.

    • trulybless2010 profile image

      trulybless2010 6 years ago from Madison,Florda


    • Helen Bolam profile image

      Helen Bolam 6 years ago from South Shields

      Interesting poem. "I will not chase love" interesting line. When your heart has been ripped out I agree with you there. Keep up the good work.

    • R.S. Hutchinson profile image

      R.S. Hutchinson 6 years ago from USA

      Thank you AEvans. I am very humbled by your words of affirmation and support.

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      I felt the heart wrenching pain in your words. But how beautifuly written are the words that pour from your heart. :)

    • R.S. Hutchinson profile image

      R.S. Hutchinson 6 years ago from USA

      Thanks Yahoo! I'm glad you enjoyed the read!

    • profile image

      Yahoo 6 years ago

      This is a very heartwarming. I love how it rolls off the tongue and the deeper meaning behind the text.

    • R.S. Hutchinson profile image

      R.S. Hutchinson 6 years ago from USA

      Thanks Theresa! And yes more often than not, twangs of emotion provoke the most beautiful poems. I believe the beauty comes out when one can relate to the underlying theme/tone of the poem - otherwise it's just fanciful words pushed together.

    • Theresa_Kennedy profile image

      Theresa Kennedy 6 years ago from Minnesota

      I am more in awe and admiration than the last time I read something you wrote. I loved reading the olde way of speaking in a modern voice. Isn't it amazing how our most painful moments can inspire such beautiful words?

    • R.S. Hutchinson profile image

      R.S. Hutchinson 6 years ago from USA

      Thanks Judy I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    • profile image

      Judy 6 years ago

      This is amazing. I love the flow and the story it tells. You truly are talented.

    • R.S. Hutchinson profile image

      R.S. Hutchinson 6 years ago from USA

      @ North .. thanks.. I think? I completely disagree with "dump everything else" and " be more original and less archaic" the beauty is in the archaic language that no one can (or seems to want to) use anymore. As a creative writing teacher I applaud any poet that tries to use the language (correctly)that the great Masters penned. Also as a creative writing teacher I understand the value of not giving a critique unless requested - just food for thought :) But I am an accomplished writer so such criticm generally doesn't bother me.And yes, I've weathered through countless poems on here and cringe more often than not.

    • R.S. Hutchinson profile image

      R.S. Hutchinson 6 years ago from USA

      @ candi Thank you very much.. it is one of my favorite poems and was written during a time of great heart ache.

    • northweststarr profile image

      northweststarr 6 years ago from Washington State

      GREAT images:

      "Water's glassy smile"

      "atop evergreen trees"

      "Who paints the seas"

      "chase, waste, face"

      Dump everything else or condense it down so it's not so general and mainstream. You get your emotion across, but you need to try to be more original and less archaic in your language. (Don't post this criticism if you don't want to) This poem is a million miles better than others I've seen on here, though! Nice job!

    • profile image

      Candi 6 years ago

      You can really feel the depth of your heartache effecting your pen in this one. I really enjoy the pattern also, epecially the last half. We've all felt this way at some point and if the love was great enough, there is still a small part of each of us that still feels the magnitute of your emotions in this poem.