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I always wanted to be?

Updated on September 17, 2012

A published writer

I guess, once in someone's life they dream of becoming a successful novelist or author. I for one always wanted to be an astronaut. However, later on I did dream of becoming a writer. I wanted to write short stories, children's books and even a romance novel.

I would always have a good topic in mind but would never get the chance to develop it. So here I am torn between the idea of becoming a writer or just someone trying to write something because I just wanted to write.

Talent they say born into a person. It may be enhanced later on in life but sometimes you could just really draw a perfect circle even without trying.

I tried searching online on how to get published. I have a bunch of manuscripts I wish to finish but never really did because I feel insecure that it might not get anywhere.

So for all of you out there who wishes to be the next Rowling, James or Meyer just keep trying.


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    • hifizah profile image

      hifizah 4 years ago

      I agree. We all should keep on going. The only one who can stop you is you and the only one who can make it happen is also you. Nice hub.

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