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I am Chef Not a Writer

Updated on January 6, 2017

31 Days of Soups by Carlton Haynes

31 Days of Soup is a companion for your tastebuds as Chef Carlton Haynes takes you on a journey of recipes of various flavors and cultures designed to widen your palette with new and exciting recipes while providing you with new perspectives on the t
31 Days of Soup is a companion for your tastebuds as Chef Carlton Haynes takes you on a journey of recipes of various flavors and cultures designed to widen your palette with new and exciting recipes while providing you with new perspectives on the t | Source

Not a Writer I am a Chef

My new cook book book 31 Days of Soups has been given 5 star status and it puts a smile on my face but to be honest when I started I never thought about it being a book writer I looked at it being somthing I liked to do and that is making recpes trying them until I feel that I have it were I want it and need it to be then taking it to the next level by preparing it for family, friends and peers to try.

Now don't get me wrong but this is were it's get a little bit scaryfor me because your hoping as your make this dish that your family and friends and mostly your peers are going to like what your putting before them because lets be honest I really don't want anyone to say that they don't like what your cooking so as your serving them you hope for the best and for me if I can get 92% of my taste testers to say they like my recipe then I am not going to make any changes because that's a really good percentage to go with.

To me when I start writing a recipe for my blog to share with my customers and others this is a labor of love it's something I really like to do so it's not a job it's my craft and I look forward to doing it each and everyday ...To me there is nothing better than watching someone taste what I have prepared and then have a smile on there face because they like what they are tasting buy it is awesome to have a blog member or a customer or just a random person checking out my cooking website even here at Hubpages and leave me a message saying that they tried my recipe followed the instructions and there family and friends enjoyed it the feeling is something I can not explian but it is so great but to me I am still not a writer I am a chef .

When I say that I am not a writer I am a chef is because I am doing what most serious chefs and restaurant owners do we plan out what we are going to use in our restaurants and in our recipes and for me I just write then down on paper so I can have a record of them ...believe me I have thousands of recipes that I have stored away most of them are stored on a cumputer now but there still a lot that still needs to get there on the computer. Putting things down on paper is a way for me to go back and twerk the recipes if need be to make a re-constructed verison or just ehance it in flavor you would really be suprise how you can take a recipe and make it totally into something else or make it better than the orginal verison and that's why I place my recipes on paper and or the computer.

I am going to say this again I not a writer I am a Chef when I first started trying to put my recipes in book form I was told that you don't know know what your doing ...and my awnser was your right but I know how to put a recipe down on paper and tell you how I made it then I was told you don't know how to even start or end the book and again I agreed but to me the most simple way to start wiriting about something you know about is tell how you were introduced to it and that is what I did and to end it I just thank the people who helps me everyday with the recipes I do my restaurant business and whoever inspired to take to push to another level.

Saying it one more time I am not a writer I am a chef but I did get a 5 star rating on my book that's just been out for a few weeks and a lot of great reviews too so you be the judge go and check out a copy of my book only $5.99 on Amazon Kindle Edition I do know one thing I may not be a writer but I am one very good chef I know your going to love some of my recipes from my book it's called 31 Days of Soups by Carlton Haynes and it has more to offer than just soups a whole lot more but again you be the judge.

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    • Handicapped Chef profile imageAUTHOR

      Handicapped Chef 

      21 months ago from Radcliff Ky

      Thank you so much dirt farmer it was something I like to do each and everyday write recipes then try them and then share them for all to enjoy.

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 

      21 months ago from United States

      Congratulations, Chef! Adding the link to your book here too:


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