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A Collection of Short Poems

Updated on September 5, 2013

I am a Poet Never Heard

Inspiration, come to me

Fly up off the page; be seen

Let your ink seep through the white

Poetic beauty immortalized

Let your song ring true tonight

This darkened heart is yours to light

Creativity, I am yours

Let your lyrics utter forth

My fingers be the pen you seek

My rhythmic words, your melody

I am yours and you are mine

Let me write a song tonight

Genius, I truly beg of you

Let my thoughts spring forth, too

They’d like to romp around and play

With the beautiful poem on this page

And as they dance, the truth emerge:

I am a poet never heard



Flowing like sleep through my mind,

Drifting, is a paradise I cannot seem to find

Trudging through hours, day by day,

Slowly I slave my life away

A moment here, a whisper there,

Never more than an hour to spare

As I walk the line between life and sleep,

My dreams return paradise to me


Missing You

The prospect of being here without you is not so daunting now that I face it

But the value I place on being with you is so high that I cannot replace it

And everything I’ve felt these last several months winds down to this

And your voice leaves me gasping for a whisper of your kiss

Blow me away from you as far as they may,

The winds of change cannot combat the unruly waves

I ride upon the open seas until I return to you someday

As a dream you have forgotten but never truly let fade


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