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I am a Writer- nothing less

Updated on September 3, 2013

I am a Writer

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Writing is a release from the limits of being. I am an aberration that was once a pure entity. Untouched by wasteful and destructive thought, I have grown in a world filled with convention and have suffered at the hands of conditioning that both society and my parents unknowingly forced on me. I have become someone else, learned behaviours and restricted instincts for the sake of expectation. I have learned pretence in the guise of etiquette. I am a puppet; a meek and palpable pawn of society. And yet, there is another world within me; I am a writer.

Creativity is the key to escape the bondage of convention and the walls that have enclose my heart, been built by fear and the chains of oppression. Within me is freedom, the ability to think outside the form and processes of what I’ve been taught. Within me is the key to expression, the choice to fly where there is no sky, to breathe where there is no air and to walk where there is no struggle.

Writing is a sacred right, a rudimentary form of expression that bares no restriction, no limits other than the ones I accept. It is my own thoughts transcending time and space to explode on a page and be revealed to the world. It offers my deepest feelings, the darkest and most frivolous of thoughts, articulated in such a way that cannot be replicated. Writing defines my soul, lays open my reality and proffers my truths for consideration, for questioning and indeed judgement. For however it is seen, it is authentic and exposes me for whom I am.

Writing is a path to real freedom and teaches me to think differently. How I behave and respond to the world is now akin to how I write. I have seen and felt this freedom through my words and now choose to express myself in the same way without my pen. In this I have made a commitment. Authenticity is a valued commodity these days and writing has taught me there is no purpose in living life any less than that. Being true to oneself is a paradigm that I have accepted and move forward with the hope that I can sustain it throughout my life, and on the page.

People on HubPages write for many reasons; some are professional and seek kindred spirits, other are hobbyists seeking knowledge and experience, and others seek connection and the pleasure of reading. Whatever the reason, as writers we share the love of language and the unique expression of it.

In a way, writing is my religion, because it opens me in a way nothing else does. It inspires my creativity and delves into the depths of my understandings and feelings about myself and life. This process to me cannot come any closer to a religious fervour. It enlivens me, inspires me and gives me purpose in an often harsh world.

When life is contentious and probes deep into the core of me, writing is my release, my salvation. It allows me to find truth in the depths of darkness and to open my heart to light. The act of writing my thoughts finds pure freedom and peace. It is a blessing.

This may sound melodramatic, but the passion I have for writing will never subside. I have opened a floodgate and my soul in its freedom needs to be seen and exposed for what it is. I care not who sees it otherwise, I am simply grateful for having found my truest love and purpose. I am a writer.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks as always for your suport, Kim. I'm glad you connect with my work.

    • kimh039 profile image

      Kim Harris 6 years ago

      Voted up and awesome, Tony. You're in a really good place, and doing some really good work. Thanks for sharing.