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I am just a man

Updated on August 24, 2011

Family and friends, co-workers and clients

Send me their problems both day and night

My shoulders are broad and strong and sure

But the weight of the world upon them has tore

Broken and battered from life's endless strife

Trying desperately, to hold onto life

Raising my head, I stare in the mirror

As things from the past, I begin to remember

A boy I was born, a man I had become

Pounding pain in my head, throbbing like a drum

Memories flash briefly, in front of my eyes

Some old, some young, and some who died

Strength of my heritage begins to flow in me

The pride and power of man, I begin to see

From Cherokee to Scottish, my ancestory glares

At the mewling whimpering eyes, from my head that stares

The power of their gaze lights inside my brain

Burning away the madness, the agony the pain

Standing to my feet, my shoulders strong and proud

Shuffling aside problems as moving a crowd

I rise and look back at my ancestors gone by

They smile and frown, with a glint in their eye

I am a man, mighty and strong

Bred from these hills and lauded in song

I am a man, protector and friend

I will stand on my feet, 'till the bitter end

I am a man, who can face and overcome

I am a man, who is no where near done.


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