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I am the Truth, and the Way

Updated on October 17, 2013
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I am the Truth, and the Way

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

The gap between truth, reason and perception,

is vast and incalculable,

rarely within any close proximity to one another,

for we are limited beings,

swayed by petty reasoning and motivations,

and convinced of our adept and malleable intellect.

What each of us see and understand as truth, as reality,

may in fact be far from it, an illusion of magnitude, if you will,

forced into being through a complex and inexhaustible brain,

conceiving reality with or without substance,

simply by chemical reactions and connections,

creating vision and thought and our individual perceptions of them.

What anyone sees or even feels cannot be accepted as anything

other than an individual experience, related to, but never shared literally,

it is simply our assumption that relating a common idea makes reality, truth,

when our understanding could be very different, beyond conformity,

simply our way of connecting with people,

wanting to find acceptable common ground.

Reality and truth in this sense is a theory, not definitive,

and again it is individual, not a group experience,

thus inferring that reality is what we each make of it,

and then, as we will to make it better suit our lives, we adjust it,

engage alternate perceptions and understandings,

so that our path is better served.

Our interactions with one another are chosen,

for a shared like mindedness and ease of being seated in our life,

so whatever we choose in direction is supported,

thus giving credence to our ideals and pursuits,

and also giving us the security to believe we are right,

and just in our conclusions and actions.

I am indeed the truth, for I make it,

and I am also the way, for I have chosen it,

and whether reality, truth or any other concept compromises it,

makes no difference to the outcome,

for we are, each one of us, individual,

in every possible sense.

Never seek to be anybody else, because you already possess what nobody else

You are a one off, completely and unquestionably unique.


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