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I can't explain the urge I have

Updated on May 26, 2014

I can't explain the urge I have

I can't explain the urge I have,

I feel lost like a cloud in a cave that lost its path,

Its's hard to fight the want and stop the need,

I want to be a better man and stand up to this common thief,

That robs me of my life,

I know to think and think twice about whats right,

I do think and think I do,

For the risks are greater than a ship of colors headed for a ocean of plain blue,

I think and think I must,

For this is my chance to gain trust,

My thoughts battle the righteous fight,

My heart shields my love tight,

I will not give in or loose my grip of my power,

For now this battle will continue until my will is devoured.


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