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I climbed a mountain for you today

Updated on August 3, 2011

The Waterfall

The Waterfall
The Waterfall | Source

For Pastor Dennis Fountain

I climbed a Mountain for you today

I climbed a mountain for you today. I didn’t know I would. I didn’t know until I started climbing upwards, that this climb would also be for me. As I started walking along the path, my way became rough and treacherous. I walked over muddy spots that could make me slip and slide. I walked over ruts, rocks and large roots that jutted in and out along the steep mountainside. On one side of my path was a solid wall, fallen trees and shrubs that tumbled down beside me. On the other side of the path I walked, there lay a sheer cliff of fallen trees and ferns that threatened my every step. Flowing down the mountainside in wandering great depth. I crossed two small waterfalls that bubbled and churned across the road in front of me. I swatted at some insects and a bumblebee. Sometimes my path went winding steeply upward. Then lurched downward, ever winding up and down. I think, I would have stumbled if someone hadn’t handed me a stick that he had found. As, I continued along my path, two young girls stopped and asked, if I would like to end my task and go back down with them. I thought for a moment and then said, No! Going a little further would be no problem. I had several people who were walking with me, behind me and in front. They were my support and encouragement as we walked along together. Enjoying the many plants and ferns that lay or seemed to tether. When, I told the girls no, my friends let out a whoop and said, she is going to keep on going, and so are we. I was scared and fearful as I continued on my journey, but this one thing I knew. God was with me in every step and we were in no hurry. Pressing onward and upward, until I came to where God wanted me to be. As I rounded the last corner to where I was to see. A big beautiful flowing waterfall spurting and spraying lustfully down the rocky mountainside. I gasped with such amazement and glee at the sight in front of me. Tears began to run down my face as I realized why, I was to walk this path today. It made me stop and think of what you must be feeling, while on your knees you prayed for healing. As you have trudged along your way, these last few weeks and months. All must seem so treacherous and scary on the path that you have lead. This could have been me instead. But, I see a man who is trusting, and secure in what God has said. I can see you want to keep serving and marching on to victory in the winding road ahead. As I thought about all these things I began to realize why, I had to climb this mountain. It was for my Pastor, Pastor Dennis E. Fountain.

My tribute to a man I see, who is courageous and brave for his friends and family.

Romans 11:33 By Bonnie J. Lytle Smith July 1, 2011

Pastor Dennis and Judy
Pastor Dennis and Judy | Source
Pastor out with the Youth
Pastor out with the Youth | Source

He Touched Me


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    • profile image

      evelyn 6 years ago

      that is so cool very well written

    • profile image

      Peggy Williams and Jeffery 6 years ago

      You have such a gift from the Lord Bonnie. So beautiful and what heartfelt words. I sit in amazement of your gift.

      Don't ever quit writing. I pray for Pastor Dennis and his family and friends.

      Love and hugs Peggy and Jeffery too

    • profile image

      Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

      So much love, so much!