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I discovered Pumpkin!

Updated on August 18, 2011
Pumpkin in all its glory
Pumpkin in all its glory | Source

Tonight I cooked a roast for dinner! Roast beef, roast  potatoes, and roast pumpkin! YUM.

I commented to my friend of many years on a story she has heard many times before, and the fact that I was  almost seventeen years old before I  ever tasted Pumpkin, never mind knew it even existed.

Seriously, I had been missing out, and badly.


I came to Australia in 1964, via some years in East Africa. I had enjoyed many fruits and vegetables over the years and yet I had never seen a pumpkin!

When I met the man who was to be the father of three of my children just before I turned seventeen, he invited me to his Mother’s home for Sunday lunch.  A wonderful roast was served, and I asked in all innocence ‘ what the orange vegetable was’?

My future Mother in Law was horrified that I had never eaten pumpkin in my life before, and couldn’t understand why what is a staple vegetable in Australia had not been on the menu at my home!

Returning to my home, I told my Mother about the wonderful lunch I had consumed, and raved about the pumpkin!

My Mother turned various shades of green and looked like she was about to become violently ill. Pumpkin it appears was grown as a ‘pig food’ in our native England, and NOT as far as she was concerned for human consumption. It she also informed me was in some areas referred to as Squash, which would NOT be on the menu in her house either!

So, after I left home and had a home of my own, I ate Pumpkin-pumpkin soup, roast pumpkin, pumpkin scones, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin frittata, steamed pumpkin, pumpkin chips, the list goes on.

I loved it and still some forty four years later I still do, so who knows I might write another hub about Pumpkins and all the amazing varieties of them……………………..


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