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I don't have tears

Updated on May 9, 2011

I cry

I cry but I do not have many tears
I am under 10 years
but already an old
take in the years of abuse

I'm all black
eyes almost jump

My mother is equal
no longer have tears
by suffering with my father
and impotence in helping me
and my brothers
they do not escape the violence
and nobody believes
that the figure
Do atrocities

I am not poor
or my family
why the complaint
can disappear
like sand between your toes

I know I am
a drop of water
in the vast ocean
this world

So I ask
What world is this?
Where is the justice
human and divine?

The poem I wrote is fictional, but I am sure it fits in thousands of people worldwide who are victims of maltreatment of people with no scruples against which institutions should be more grassroots, laws must be heavier and more effective justice.


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