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I embrace thee

Updated on January 14, 2010

I embrace thee

I embrace thee

There are two things i know about.Joy and Sadness,you might have a heart full of joy or sadness as you read this poem but whichever you have, just know that i decided to embrace him.I embrace thee o Lord.

Walking down the street

I came across a field

Children playing hide and seek

One stood all alone

I walked up and tapped his shoulder

From his look, he was blind

I embrace thee

Tears rolled down my eyes

As i left with bitterness

I saw two men by the corner

Fighting for love or for power

Hey! what is this all about

I realized that one could not speak

I embrace thee

In my search for a true love

I met the most beautiful of all

O my queen you are the best

Mother of star and mother of moon

Embrace me O my pretty one

She moved from the table

O a wheel chair i mistook for a chair

She is crippled o my God

Father, for the sight you gave me,for the mouth to speak and for my two legs,i embrace thee.Next time you find yourself worrying for something that is meaningless, remember that there are folks who are blind,deaf,dumb,cripple but you have all to push on so do not die in self pity.Embrace him just like me.

Thank you Father.

I embrace thee


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