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I finally published my first book!

Updated on December 5, 2011

One down, more to go...

I'm so excited that I have finally published my first book. Yes, it's a children's book and it's based on -- of course -- my family. Actually, it's based on the experience I had when my son was young and I offered to provide his class with a Hanukkah party.

When you are the only Jewish kid in class and everything is decorated for Christmas, it's nice for the other children to learn that there is more than their holiday. And it's even better when it's their friend who is showing them something of his culture and history.

My son did just that when he was very young and his friends have grown up respectful and accepting. Oh, and they can't wait for me to cook latkes every year.

I hope you will purchase my book on Amazon at The book is in grayscale on Amazon, but if you want it in color, it's also available at and expected to be offered later this week at Apple and Google eBooks (and others).

If you want to read more about my mom helping with the illustrations (there are photos to look at), go to where you can also learn about a special "thank you" in the book.

Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Joelle's first book on Amazon...Yipee!

Freedom Doesn’t Just Come Along With A Tree
Freedom Doesn’t Just Come Along With A Tree

A boy is the only Jewish child in a classroom adorned with Christmas holiday decorations. His mother brings all the fixings for a Hanukkah party and a fun way for the children to learn about the Jewish holiday. In this Hanukkah poem, she is proud of her son who is the catalyst for tolerance and change when he inadvertently teaches his classmates about diversity and how it feels to be singled out.



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    • ChrisLincoln profile image

      ChrisLincoln 6 years ago from Orange (or Lemon...) County, California


      I just published my first book too, isn't it a great feeling to get that first copy in your hand!

      I used the hubs I had been writing as the base for the book, as well as my experiences of a not-very-nice year, told with humor (Thanks to my amazing wife)

      Congratulations and I wish you all the best.

      Fellow hubbers...go for it!


    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 6 years ago from USA

      What a great idea; congrats on boook

    • Joelle Burnette profile image

      Joelle Burnette 6 years ago

      Hi K,

      Thanks! I am very familiar with "hosting" the Hanukkah parties...did it every year in both my children's classrooms starting from pre-school and up through 5th grade. I changed it up each year as the kids grew with different activities and by the time my oldest was in fourth grade and my youngest in kindergarten, I was making latkes for more than half the student body...the teachers liked how I did my parties (and made my latkes) and would ask if I'd do the same for their class. That year, I made latkes (at the school in my portable skillet that has since worn out) for more than 200 students and every teacher and administrator at the school. Phew! That was a big year.

      We're also a mixed-faith...hubby is Southern Methodist, but he doesn't practice. He's more of an adopted Jew at this point; he enjoys the history and culture.

      Sorry, rattling's been a long, exciting day and I'm hoping my editor (my other job) will forgive me for not meeting today's deadline.

      Happy Holidays!

    • K. Burns Darling profile image

      Kristen Burns-Darling 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      Congratulations! I will be checking this one out for my four year old.... (My other two are now too old). Our family is a mixed-faith family, (My husband is Jewish while I am Catholic), and we have throughout the last twenty years kept both Christmas and Hanukkah in our home. As a Navy family, stationed in the mid-south when our two older children were young, we brought Hanukkah to our children's classroom every year by "hosting" Hanukkah parties for them during the holiday season. I imagine that I will begin to do the same when our youngest starts kindergarten next fall.


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