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I had to wash

Updated on August 1, 2016

After the long wander

In the wilderness of terror

I ran

Just like I came

I jumped from the dangerous cable, and stood at the gate, at the entrance

Yes, at the entrance to my father's house

Facing right into the house

There he was

At the door

the place I called home

I was terrified

the police stood at the door

to ask me why I was this late out in the dark of the night?

Probably, to fine me.

I stood amazed

when He stretched his hand

and spoke

I would have given you a million

and half

and more

All this your daddy had sent to you by me

When I came , you were wondering


I kept them

Now that you are home


Just take a good wash,

Wash your feet

Just make yourself completely presentable

I kept the amount on the table

and went to the bathroom

I would put on best clothes

With the label of an earoplane

I would have supper like a royalty

Like a lost son of a king

Found back

After returning home to his father.

He loves me

My God loves me

After am clean

We'll take a walk, and walk together

We'll dine together

I won't be filthy and shame unto him, nor smelling

He'll make me feel the comfort of a home

the rehabilitating statutes of a royal son

the love and comfort of a father

The joy of a good home

The sense of belonging

All this while, he has longed for me to come home

He has sent gifts to me

Hoping that I would receive and see

and come

am home at last

all good things at my exposure

in the hands of my father

His comforting hugs.

His loving face

He is just fine, so good and marvellous

My father is love

He has shown me what it means to love.


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