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I have seen the world in her eyes

Updated on March 2, 2017

I watched her from afar, as the bright light in her eyes began to fade. It was a heartbreaking view, not beautiful for I watched her life force drain, and I stood by.

In her eyes, I saw the ashes of dream sold by a sweet tongue set to blaze; the ashes of a dream pass her by. Dreams that start all sweetly smothering but end up bitter, void, and poisonous.
In her eyes, I witnessed the sky fall collapsing onto her already bare world. As the sky spat fire and rage, I silently observed her dancing to the rhythm set by the raging storm. And as my skin itched from watching her peal her own burned skin, I watch her smile while struggling to take in a single gulp of breath.
She, has been sold a dream beneath of which is a hell disguised with a beautifully golden wrapper. A dream, so bitter and void of any future. Little did she know that under that wrapper, was the spawn of the devil himself.
As thunder dances on her finger tips and lightening races skipping between her heart beats, I witness her stare the world below as she stands tall on the very edge of madness.
For him, she had cast her faith, her sound judgment, purity and all what she held on a higher pedestal in life. All that she held dear, and there was quite a few, she had set aside while answering his calls of affection; a dream which will never see sunrise.
She, against all sound judgment had granted him access to her garden of desolation and sorrow. He, with all his audacity harvested all her sour grapes and set ablaze her sanctuary.
Where sour grapes used to prosper, now only desolation covers her barren lands. Despair suffocates the branches of her old cherry tree promising silence and contempt.
So many dreams have died as he cross the threshold of her sanctuary, and many others died under the scrutiny of his blue eyes.
In her eyes, I see the canvas of her life span: old, withered, and void of any human emotion, for she had shed all her humanity for his sake.
Tonight, she stands on the edge of her circle of regret, watching the sky falling apart, pressing down and crushing her lungs, knocking out the last gulp of air she held onto.
Yet, regardless of his lack of affection, she stands on the edge with her eyes open. For love is cruel, crueler than fuel set on fire after being poured on your skin.
In her eyes, I have seen the destroyer wreck havoc in her mind, besiege her lands, threaten the peace of her seas, the prosperity of her crops and the virginity of her sanity. I have lived through the regret's endless feeding, the accumulation of loss and the exponential growth of despair. But, most importantly in her skin I lived through dependency's growth and prosperity. Silently, I watched him take her life force and replace it with his. With the help of his honey sweetened words, soon enough she'd breathe only when he said so, jump if he said so, and maybe, take her own life if her wanted her to.
I've seen through her eyes the itching a drug user endures while on withdrawal. I've sensed her medicate herself for craving his scent and damn it if I haven't seen her on her knees crawling back to him like a discarded lost puppy seeking a warm home.
Through her eyes, I have experienced the pain of being user being cast aside, and called back home later on. Through those bleak eyes, I have witnessed the rise and fall of an ancient empire predating the Romano- Germano legal systems. I have endured the degradation of intellectual and emotional slavery and the shattering knowledge of always coming last in a relationship.

In her eyes, I have swallowed a lot such as shattering one's existence and molding it into something her might approve of.
Blazing like a supernova, as she takes a step forward off the edge she smiles. She's been through hell, so believe me when I say, fear her when she looks into a fire and smiles.


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