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I heard you cry

Updated on July 20, 2014

I could not seem to gasp what I have done,

Whats done is done, and life will sustain,

The moments I now make, are moments that are carefully looked upon,

I know life can be hard, people can be wicked, and cause a lot of pain,

But I must remain, I look into your eyes and I see you,

I feel you , and I realize your cries,

I want to take your sadness away, but I'd rather cry too for you with you,

As time is constant, tears will dry, but what we share underlies time, and defies your red eyes,

I hear you cry, and my eyes devise empathy to the surmise of your cries,

I will cry , and share your sadness for this moment, until we improvise back to life's delight.

Answer a person's cries, don't pass them by.


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