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I killed a rat

Updated on May 18, 2012

Guilt at its best

I live in a house, no! its a home

My wife, daughters and a son

Its a luxury in a small town of third world

Thousands of sq. feet, I feel like a king of all I survey

The lawn is sprawling

Green, velvety, inviting to be touched and felt

A palm tree right at the center

Trees of mango, blue berry and sticks of drum

Bushes, flower plants and green veggies

Its natural that many species will get born

And survive, may be thrive

In this locale, surroundings, backgrounds

Filled with many kinds of food chain.

We noticed that rats started infesting

Once in while in the beginning

Later on with high regularity

Asserting their presence and right

How foolish! They didn't know, they were unwelcome

In a drawing room laid with great care

They started having a ball

Arrogance and lack of demeanor

Started misbehaving

And at times showed their anger, distaste

For decline of friendly overtures

They rebelled, showed their anger

On things considered costly by the household

We as a family got threatened and angered

And thought of ways and means

To eliminate this enemy

Spoiling the peace and normal living

We had brain storming, informally

Not the way, taught by consultants

Or the best sellers at Amazon or eBay

We decided to try the classical mouse trap

To avoid the load on conscience

By killing them with proven poisons

We had a discussions on the bait

And we decided to put a chocolate cake

Thinking that even rats must have changed their tastes

To keep abreast

With humans who are running frenetically

To get the life's taste, the possible best

Of preferences in matter of food and eateries

The due diligence yielded the desired result

The mouse, who was most notorious, arrogant

Did not care a damn

Lived like a king

Ran here and there, insensitive to owners

Was the first to get caught

It always happens, be it mouse or men

The innocents, free spirited

Are the ones in this world

Who are nailed by system

As a priority, necessity or driven by existential threats

It was a big relief for the family

But once inside the cage

No one really bothered about its needs

It was noticed in the afternoon

Though it was caught in the late night

Everyone occupied with respective duties

Every one busy with daily chores

Schools, household, parlor and office.

I came back late from office

And inquired, " Have You disposed the scoundrel"?

"We have been waiting for you only!

I saw the poor creature

Imprisoned in that mess of wire

For almost twenty four hours

No food, drink or companionship

Despair reigning high

Unsure of living, future, fate and destiny

But it was still kicking around

I failed to understand the source of its hope

For survival, future and life.

I got the task of disposing off

With many foreboding, ideas and insight

That rats, if left in vicinity

Will come back in the same house

As they possess that uncanny skill and ability

I went to a far off place

With that device which had trapped the mouse

I was sad but it was a call of duty

To get rid of him

In a way that he should never return

I left him in a place far away from civilization

I was sadly watching that small animal

When it left the trap

Hesitant, unsure, where to go

I was burdened with a huge sense of guilt

As I knew that he will not survive beyond a day

A huge contrast from his days

Of gay abandon

In my household where he came out

At a fixed hour in the night

When every one went to sleep

And this creation of nature was free

Running, stopping, smelling

Free will in the warmth of a home

He felt like a member for long

Till he was got rid like a waste

Dumped, disposed and done away with

I can't forget those moments

When he came out of the trap

Though free, he was not sure what he wanted

He was having a stroke, paralysis

The smell, feel and strange surroundings

So different from the past comfort

Where he lived rightfully

Getting a sense of security

Which was not there anymore

He stopped

I made gestures to drive him away

To get rid of this duty which was a big pain

He moved ahead, reluctantly into a patch of grass

I knew he will be picked up as a food

By hungry carnivorous prowling constantly

I left the place with a sense of guilt

Which is there till now

Will be there always in some corner

In the space of my mind and heart

Till I breathe my last


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