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I knew the time have come

Updated on January 4, 2012

From a distance I heard the sounds,

the drums transcends a message,

It's calling me,

I tossed in my sleep

I shall packed my bags and head toward

the sounds of the drums,

Destiny is calling.

Like a thief in the night I came

I saw and I counter,

like a pigeon, I shall flee the coupe.

Making room for the next visitor

who seeketh reverence, '

for they weary souls,

Racism is a deadly disease,

The sounds of the drums spoked to me

In the distance the clouds were dark

its strench the air,

I knew the time have come

I must not fear

my seat at the council awaits

my work here is done

it time to move on and let the others follow

No gnashing of teeth,

my sisters and brothers from my past

had warned me about you and the big city

where men and little children wore the masks and white gowns

and carry crosses and burnt cities down

while parading thoughout the town in the middle of the night

This journey I have to take shall one day come to and end

so here I am ready to go back to my home land.

The spawn of Satan those faceless barbarian

without rights, without a kingdom,

they were cast into the wilderness for eternity,

now, roared at the thunder

from birth they were doom, and rob of they birthright

Half man, half beast they were cursed

it would have been wonderful just for them

to hear a sweet melody or a lullaby,

Many of them were forced to grow up too soon

Who released the beasts?

So here I am , ready to go,

Back to the mother land.

Away from all this torture and the hardship

Is there a noble man out there willing to

face the beasts

who prey on the young and the helpless one

or anyone who is not the same color?


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    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      sorry strange

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      bullying is becoming such a serious crime.

      online and offline.

      Peace within


    • capncrunch profile image

      capncrunch 6 years ago from New Orleans

      Hello Darknlovely3436,

      I really like how you write from the heart. Your poems have such artistic value! Too many bullies and too much racism out in the world!! Great writing!!

    • PurvisBobbi44 profile image

      PurvisBobbi44 6 years ago from Florida


      I admire your talent, but I am so happy I did not live during the time when the Klan flourished. I could never watch roots--and I can not endure mean and hateful people, and I don't care what race they are either. We should all love one another. If anyone has a problem with race--work in a public school. All the children I worked with were my Angels---and no one dared threat them anyway but equal, and with great kindness.

      Sorry, for going about it---but it all starts with Love for all God's children.

      Keep writing---I Love it.


    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      That piece is about bullying , internet bullies, racism, the nararator had a vision a calling on how he/she can help, the helpless one, so she was comparing the satan spawn(bullies) from when it all came to surface from the klu-klux clan the mask one, now it the internet bullies........sorry for confusing u

    • thegoodnewzz profile image

      thegoodnewzz 6 years ago

      I can see that you put a lot of time and thought into this work. I am sure it makes perfect sense to you, but I am having trouble grasping the overall concept. Would you mind clarifying a bit. Thanks, BTW the I enjoyed it.