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I know you will go

Updated on February 4, 2017

The girl with the magical eyes,
asked me to make a wish
I said, be with you for the rest of my life
She said, you can't wait, I know you will not
I said, this is because I'm sure you will go
She asked, how do you know what I will do?
I said, the life taught me to be wise
Someday you will come with a sadly smile
You will say, my love I have to leave
Maybe you will cry for a minute or two,
but you will go quickly like Spring
For the rest of my life I will live in Autumn
Watching the leaves of my tree falling
and the cracks spreading in my land
Your Sun will shine for a different man,
and my land will suffer in a long night
I know you will go because you can't wait
You can't wait my dreams to become truth
I wish I can wait, but I know you will go.


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