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I left (1/?)

Updated on March 1, 2016

I left. I had to leave and I’m panicking. He keeps chasing me and i can’t stop running. I hate running. He goes to his car so he can get to me faster, i think maybe i could lose him and go back. He will never look me back to the place i had been found. He spotted me, I can’t do that. I’m so nervous. I can barely breathe. I don’t even know what I am doing. I never thought i could run this much. I still hate running. I can’t even make a decision, each turn I make, each step I take, who the hell is doing this?

I think I finally lost him. I’m walking over the tracks. A train just passed so, being run over is unlikely. I’m still scared so I keep looking back. It’s dark and a train passes by me. It’s a quite unusual one though. It has no roof, or walls, for that matter. It’s a cargo train. More like a cargo platform? It carries all these boxes, variable sizes, most made out of planked wood. They are all attached to the moving platform with ropes. I would imagine just several people attaching their belongings to it with whatever string they had at home. Looks quite unplanned and overall messy.

It’s moving slow enough for me to find an empty spot. I had nothing but the clothes on me so it was easy for me to find a little place in between boxes. I lie down, I’m afraid I’m gonna hit my head somewhere and lose it.

I wake up with the sun hitting my face and the noise of the street. The platform is still moving but i hop off. Ahead, the rails are too high from the ground, looks like it is heading to the sky. The grass was actually soft and the hill gave me an advantage point to look at where I was. The street was made out of volcanic stone, and the houses are a greyish white. They were beautifully complex with classic orange tiles. One house is bisecting the street, making the front of the building a tight corner. I go to the street and start thinking about getting shelter to stay low. I go inside a building that looks empty. After the front door the elevator is broken and is the only way through. I manage to take a square lid off a panel. It’s very small and the whole way is very tight but i can get through. Inside there is a round staircase. Beautiful but obviously old, missing a few stairs. I carefully climb it. The windows go from the ceiling to the floor and were rhythmically placed. The door is half open and I go in.


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